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Worst Beauty and Skin Care Habits

Worst Beauty and Skin Care Habits

Many women include bad beauty habits in their daily skin care routine while thinking they’re doing the right thing. Take a look at 7 of the worst beauty and skin care habits you should break ASAP.

Cleansing and Exfoliating Too Much

Over-cleansing dry skin can lead to irritation and too much exfoliation is one of the worst skin care habits, especially when you’re using abrasive products. Choose an exfoliating cream with AHAs for the best results that don’t expose your skin to infection and irritation.

Stopping at the Jawline

Your neck and chest may look good with little to no care in your 20s, but stopping at the jawline in your skin care routine can have bad effects in the long run. You should forget about bad habits that age your skin and remember that hydration and sun protection are very important and should always be applied down to the neckline keeping your skin from aging prematurely.

Worst Beauty and Skin Care Habits

Shaving Your Legs after Soaking Them

If your legs have been soaking for 10-15 minutes, you should postpone shaving because the skin gets wrinkled and swelled preventing you from reaching the base of the hair. Bad skin care habits for the legs also include replacing shaving cream with body wash in the shower.

Using Products with Cortisone Regularly

Cortisone creams are great for rashes, flaking and redness, but they should never become part of your regular skin care. Abusing cortisone is definitely one of the worst skin care habits, because the skin becomes dependent on this steroid which also breaks down collagen when used in the long run.

Dealing with Acne the Old Fashioned Way

Popping zits is by far one of the worst beauty habits if you don’t know how to pop a pimple correctly. While the bacteria gets pushed deeper into the pores, this can also cause inflammation, infection and extend the life span of acne. Use products with benzoyl peroxide carefully to deal with pimples: choose one with a maximum of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide and apply it carefully on the zits without spreading it out on your skin.

Worst Beauty and Skin Care Habits

Not Caring for Your Makeup Kit

Dirty brushes and expired makeup products can cause rashes and infections. Make sure you avoid one of the worst skin care habits by washing your makeup brushes regularly in warm soapy water and throwing away any products that have undergone changes in their texture, color or smell.

Counting on Makeup to Provide Adequate SPF

Unless you use too much foundation, you’re probably not getting the promised SPF. Especially during the summer months, make sure you use adequate sunscreen before you put the foundation on. Even if makeup does protect the face a bit, it won’t protect your neck and chest and you’ll fall for one of the bad skin care habits which leads to premature aging.

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