Worst Celebrity Tattoos

Worst Celebrity Tattoos

Tattoos are often personal, so the only thing that counts is the opinion of the wearer, but sometimes body art can lack inspiration and turn into a joke, especially when celebrities proudly show it off. Discover some of the worst celebrity tattoos, that shouldn’t inspire anyone to replicate them.

Whether you’re thinking of getting your first tattoo or about adding to your existing body art, stay clear of these bad celebrity tattoos.

Cheryl Cole’s Rose Tattoo

Covering your entire bottom in roses isn’t for everyone, but British singer Cheryl Cole decided it’s the right fit for her. The giant roses that go from her lower back to her legs are among the worst celebrity tattoos, and if she ever decided to get rid of them, it won’t be easy. According to the Daily Mail, it would take over 20 hours of laser removal sessions with a whopping cost of almost $20,000.

Miley Cyrus’ Lip Cat

Worst Celebrity Tattoos

Getting a tattoo on the inside of your lip might seem like a good idea at first, because you only show it off when you feel like it, but the result can be disappointing. Miley seems happy with her yellow cat lip tattoo, even though the kitty seems to have a sad face. It’s definitely one of the worst celebrity tattoos and the only thing that could make it even worse would be the cat sticking out its tongue.

Jermaine Dupri’s Janet Jackson Tattoo

Worst Celebrity Tattoos

During his 8 year relationship with Janet Jackson, Jermaine Dupri produced most of her albums, and also decided to immortalize the singer on his body through a tattoo. His giant Janet Jackson as the Virgin Mary tattoo is definitely disturbing to strangers, even though his ex probably loved the way she was being worshiped.

Nick Cannon’s Mariah Tattoo

Worst Celebrity Tattoos

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have been married for 6 years and they always talk about how devoted to each other they are. Nick might have taken it a step too far with his giant Mariah tattoo, that covers both his shoulder blades.

Rita Ora’s Pin Up Girl

Worst Celebrity Tattoos

British singer Rita Ora is the proud owner of one of the worst celebrity tattoos. While in New York, Ora decided that she’d like to be inked by celebrity tattooist Bang Bang. The result was a large pin-up girl on her ribcage. Nicknamed Rosetta, the pin up girl is one of the worst tattoo trends of the moment.

Johnny Depp’s “Wino Forever” Tattoo

Worst Celebrity Tattoos

After getting a tattoo of “Winona Forever” while he was dating Winona Ryder, Johnny Depp decided to repurpose it after the break-up. Changing it to “Wino Forever”, the tattoo is still a bad idea. However, while living in France, the actor purchased a vineyard and made his own wine, which maybe makes it less off putting… on Johnny Depp. On anyone else, bad, bad idea!

Pink’s Barcode Tattoo

Worst Celebrity Tattoos

While Pink’s personality and music definitely seem unique, the singer chose a barcode tattoo for the back of her neck. Even if it’s the barcode of her 2020 album “M!ssundaztood”, it’s one of the worst celebrity tattoos because it conjures images of conformism and mass production, completely opposite ideas to Pink’s style.

David Beckham’s Chinese Wisdom Tattoo

Worst Celebrity Tattoos

One of the most inked celebrities, David Beckham has many tattoos but one of his newest ones is definitely the worst. On the side of Beckham’s torso, the Chinese characters means “Life and death are determined by fate, rank and riches decreed by Heaven”. While getting a motto inked isn’t a bad idea, sticking to your own language and keeping it very short is the key to a good tattoo.

Megan Fox’s Shakespeare Tattoo

Worst Celebrity Tattoos

The brunette’s shoulder blade ink is one of the worst celebrity tattoos and not just because it’s a head scratcher. “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies” is a quote from the last scene of “King Lear”, and it’s not even that meaningful when taken into the context of the play. It’s not the only text tattoo Megan Fox had inked, but it’s the most off putting one.

Mike Tyson’s Facial Tattoo

Worst Celebrity Tattoos

Any facial tattoo is a bad idea, but Mike Tyson’s tribal one is already outdated. The retired professional boxer loves it and so does the tattoo artist who created it. In fact, S. Victor Whitmill feels so strongly about that he even sued Warner Bros for using it on Ed Helms face in “The Hangover Part II”. Eventually, he settled and the tattoo lives on.

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