50 Best Homemade Tips For Long Hair

Indian girls are known all over the world for their long beautiful black hairs. But keeping long hairs are not at all that easy. We have to follow strict regime for keeping our hairs healthy and beautiful along with long length. From eating right to washing your hairs properly all are important! Following are the few homemade tips for growing long length hair which should always be kept in mind for healthy and long tresses.

Homemade Tips For Long Hair

Best And Effective Homemade Tips For Long Hair:

1. How To Combat Split Ends:

Splits ends happen due to breakage of hair vertically at the ends dues to nutritional deficiency, or cosmetic abuse. To avoid split ends avoid excessive chemical and heat abuse, and rule out for vitamin deficiencies.

Trimming hairs regularly helps in avoiding spilt ends as split ends reduce the growth of hair.

2. Healthy Diet With Plenty Of Water:

Low Iron content in the body can cause hair fall. So, Include foods in diet and get plenty of sleep. It is also important to drink at least 3 liters of water every day.

Water not only helps in keeping our skin good but also helps in hair root strengthen.

3. Avoid Alcohol To Get Long Hair:

Avoid caffeine, alcohol and smoking. They are not only injurious to health but they also slow down the hair growth process also.

4. Leave Your Stress At Work:

stress for long hair

If you are doing all you can and still seeing gobs of hair falling off, that means you are suffering from hair fall problem coming out of stress. Olive oil is knows to reduce the stress level .This applied on regular basis makes hair strong and improve its texture as well.

5. Combing With Care:

Be gentle while combing your hair and use wide teeth brush and detangle your hair slowly. Comb your hair once before hair wash.

Combing hairs before hair wash reduces the of chances tangling while washing them. And first allow your hairs to dry naturally as the roots become weak when we wash our hair. Combing wet hairs generally pull out few strands of hairs causing hair fall too. So avoid combing wet hairs. It is one of the best and simple home remedies for long hair growth.

6. Hair Antics:

blow dry hairs for long hair

Curling, blow-drying, straightening, colouring are all part of this routine. Avoid blow dryer and straightener as much as possible.

Tight braids can cause more hair fall than necessary. So, avoid tight braids so that they do not pull your hair. Also, keep in mind only to braid on dry hair. When you braid in wet hair, the moisture retained often rot the hair follicles and induce hair loss.

7. Hormonal Changes:

You might see that often in month your hair tends to fall way more than the other times. So don’t panic every time you see hair strands on your comb, just keep in mind that it’s natural and it happens with everyone at a certain age. But when you notice large no of strands, consult a doctor immediately.

8. Birth Control Pills:

These birth controlling pills can cause hair fall and also induce your hair loss too. So, consult a doctor and talk to her if you are taking such pills to get rid of hair fall the situation.

9. Maintain A Routine Hair Wash Plan:

Take hair bath thrice in a week. Avoid washing hair every day. Wash your hair on alters days like Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. On Tuesday apply curd for 10 minutes, on Friday apply lemon juice for 10 minutes and on Sunday massage your hair with coconut oil and shampoo then.

10. Oiling Stimulates Hair Growth:

Head Massage FOR LONG HAIR

It is an old popular method. There are various types of oil available in the market such as coconut oil, lavender oil, jajoba oil, castor oil, almond oil, sesame oil, olive oil etc. You can also mix different oils and then apply it on your scalp. Always condition your hair once in a month and take hot oil treatment at home. This remedy prevents hair fall too.

11. Aloe Vera Plays Quite An Important Role When It Comes To Growing Hair Fast:

You can cut one Aloe Vera leaf peel off the skin and rub the gel like substance of the leaf on hair scalp. Keep it for 20 minutes and wash it off with your normal shampoo. You can use aloe vera juice in the same way too.

12.Yogurt And Egg Yolk Hair Mask:

Take 3-4 eggs (according to the length) and beat them well. Add one lemon juice so that you do not get irritated with the egg odour and apply it on your hair. Cover your whole hair and keep it for half an hour. Then wash off your hair as usual with a shampoo. You can apply eggs also if you are into lot of blow drying or strengtheners.

13. Use Mayonnaise:

Use Mayonnaise to condition your hair if you use chemical to colour your hair. Just take one cup of mayonnaise (plain mayonnaise) and apply it on your dry hair. Cover your whole scalp with it and shampoo normally after 20 minutes. It will make your hair nourished and prevent them from further damaging.

14. Herbal Remedy For Long Hair Growth:

Hibiscus for long hair

Take 10 petals of the hibiscus flower and boil them in 200 ml of coconut oil. When you boil this oil it will completely turn red. Let it cool down first and then store it in a bottle. Gently massage your hair with this oil. This oil is very effective in curing hair fall problems and promotes hair growth. It also protects from premature greying of hair.

15. Hair Care With Hair Rinse:

A good hair rinse promotes healthy and shiny hair. Hair rinsers are basically the product we use to coat our hair after shampooing! Conditioners are more familiar hair rinse to us. We can try few natural and home-made rinses like tea rinser, vinegar hair rinser, lemon rinser, chamomile, sage, linder flower rinser and beer. These hair rinser are easily available in market or you can simply prepare them in home!

16. Monsoon Hair Care:

During the monsoon season oily hair become limps and requires lot of shampooing. To reduce oil from scalp apply lemon juice for 15 minutes and then rinse it off.


This is quite a popular an effective remedy for oil free scalp. Don’t go under the sun after apply lemon juice as this can change your hair colour.

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17. Care Of Colour Hairs:

Never use straighteners or curlers immediately after you colour your hairs. Wait for at least three days back you have coloured your hair as straightening or curling solutions are going to damage hair and you will notice your hair breaking much easily than before.

18.Treating The Frizzy Hairs:

If you want straight looking hair then give them a cold water rinse which of course you can stand after using a shampoo and conditioner. Cold water locks down our cuticles and make them frizz-free making hairs look slicker.

Avoid rubbing your wet hair with a towel as they tend to make hairs fizzier. So instead keep the towel on your hair for 10 minutes and then take the towel off.

19. Dandruff Treatment Useful For Long Hair Growth:

There are many home made remedies for treating dandruff. Try this simple home made remedy to reduce dandruff formation. Take 4 tablespoon of grounded neem leaves in a bowl to which add a drop of clove oil. Mix them well and apply this on your scalp. Keep it for 10-15 minutes and shampoo. This will reduce your scalp itching problems and also treats the dandruff.

20. Baking Soda For Long Hair:

Layers of gel and spray can rob stands of shine. Fix this by sprinkling a teaspoon of baking soda into your usual dose of shampoo and wash your hair with the mix once a month.

Some try and stay away tips according to different hair types. Many of select wrong hairstyles or haircuts which turn our head look like we are having hair loss or other hair problems. Even if we have hair problems, they can be making unnoticeable by using different hair cuts according to the hair structure. Here we gave some proper hair styles that can make our hair looks long.

21.Fine And Straight Hair:

Try –long sleek blunt cuts to show off your perfect straight hairs. You can also try short cuts as they are add extra body making your hairs look more in volume.

Stay Away from Long layers. They make fine, straight hair look super thin and you will get lots of fly away.

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Thick And Straight Hair:

Try long, layered cuts or chin-length bobs. These hair-styles give thick hair lots of movement and make them look fuller.
Stay Away from  blunt cuts.

22.Fine And Curly/ Wavy Hair:

Try A chin length or above (the shoulder cut). It will help make your fine hair look full.

Stay Away from  super long hair. Your curls will get all tangle and dry, and they will also be harder to maintain.

Thick And Curly/ Wavy Hair:

Try  long layered cuts or shoulder length bob hair-cut. A layer-cut shows off your beautiful curls and also highlights your face. A shoulder-length bob hair- cut will help keep your curls from getting weighed down.

Stay Away from – layered cuts and short-cuts as they give our face look more like a geometric shape. And, err, no one look good with a triangle head!!

23. Fine And Textured Hair :

Try a shoulder length look with gradual, face-framing layers. Psyched for straight? Use hot-rollers on the ends of your blow-dried straightened hairs for giving it a little curl. By using hot-rollers in the hair ends gives you a flirty flip look.

Stay Away from – long hair on extreme layers. Extreme layers can sometimes blow- up straight all the locks, textured hair, with its energy and bounce, might try to go in three directions at ounces’.

Thick And Textured Hair :

Try- French braids mini-braids and for shorter-haired gals teeny short braids with beads on the end.
Stay Away from- choppy layers or completely all natural look.

24. Oily Hairs:

If your hair is sleek, tends to get heavy and clumpy at the roots and starts to look greasy when you comb or brush it too much you have oily hair. Avoid heavy styling products like gels and don’t go crazy with the hair-spray. Shampoo daily with a formula designed specially for oily hair. Use conditioner only at the hair ends avoiding the scalp. Try a brush with synthetic bristles, not natural ones. Synthetic bristles will style without spreading oil from scalp.

25. Thin, Dry Hairs:

If your hair breaks easily and is prone to split ends you have dry hairs. To help your tresses regain their moisture use conditioner daily and opt for an extra body shampoo. Make sure you get frequent trims to control those splits ends, and try taking a break from blow-drying once in a while.

Fine Hairs :

If your hair doesn’t have much body and you can wrap your ponytail holder around it three or four times, you have fine hairs. Try a volumizing shampoo and a light conditioner for a boost. For added lift, apply a little mousse at your roots and then blow-dry your hair, turning your head upside down.

26. Avocado:


The avocado is a fruit which has a hard outer covering and really soft pulp inside covering a big round seed. Now this fruit features in all the list of long hair tips because of its contents and nutrients which are especially very good for hair nourishment. To use it you have to make a hair pack with half of a mashed avocado and along with that a pair of egg whites. Just blend these well, apply on your hair, let it rest and then wash off with a mild shampoo followed by a conditioner.

27. Cocoa Butter:

Cocoa Butter FOR LONG HAIR

Cocoa butter is tasty when it is put in desserts and toasts and is also like a conditioner for your hair. One of the best tips for long hair is using a combination of cocoa butter and coconut water which is a special Brazilian tip. For this you will have to apply cocoa butter all over your head and hair and then after some time wash it off with coconut water first and then anything else.

28. Sardines:

Homemade Tips For Long Hair - ardines

Fishes are in anyway very good remedies for healthy and shiny hair and sardines are just some of the best fishes among all. These are said to have high contents of Omega 3 fatty acids which is very good for the hair and you can make this fish a part of your diet plan to get healthy long hair from inside and from the roots.

29. Towel Dryer:

Homemade Tips For Long Hair - Towel dryer

No this is not a machine and not even one of the homemade tips for long hair. This is like a habit to keep your long hair safe and healthy for a long time. Now we already know the bad effects of the blow dryer so it is better to towel dry your hair. Just take your towel and dry your hair gently by rubbing to and fro. The rest of the wetness can be air dried of course.

30. Gelatin For Keep Your Hair Long:

Gelatine for long hair

This is a long known hair care remedy and is also one of the long hair tips that every woman needs to know. Here you need gelatin, some water and also some apple cider vinegar. To make the solution just take a pouch of gelatin and pour it in some water along with which you will have to mix some apple cider vinegar and mix all of this well and apply as a hair pack.

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31. Cactus:

Homemade Tips For Long Hair - Cactus

This may sound really scary but is actually one of the many hidden tips for long hair which is more common in desert regions of remote Africa. Do not get scared as we are not at all going to prick our scalp with the thorns, but instead we will have to peel of the outer layer of the cactus leaves and take the oil from inside which can be applied as a natural hair conditioner.

32. Cold Shower:

Homemade Tips For Long Hair - Cold water

The lukewarm or warm water might be more comfortable than a cold shower but cold water is extremely important as one of the homemade tips for long hair. For this it is not necessary that you have to soak yourself in chilly water every day. Just at the end of a warm shower, wash your hair with some cold water to seal the ends and lock all moisture.

33. Chamomile:

Chamomile tea is already very helpful for a healthy body and the chamomile oil is one of the essential oils for hair growth as well. Here we are talking about long hair tips and surprisingly chamomile features here as well. Here you have to just take chamomile flowers, boil them, strain them and spray them all over your hair as many times as you can.

34. Shea Butter For Long And Healthy Hair:

Shea butter for long hair

Shea butter is also a very good moisturiser and conditioner for healthy and glowing skin. The usage of Shea butter as one of the tips for long hair sounds like conditioning even before you have washed your hair and it is very helpful as well. You have to take some Shea butter and then apply nicely all over your scalp and hair and massage it before you wash your hair. Just do not use any other conditioner afterwards.

35. Protection Spray:

Homemade Tips For Long Hair - protection spray

To protect your long tresses from the harsh weather, winds and UV rays of the sun when you go outside, it is good if you apply a heat protection spray after you have washed your hair. It acts as a shield from all the forces of nature and in turn protects your hair from getting completely damaged, broken and frizzy.

36. Beer:


Alcohol intake is just not good for your health and hair but a solution of brandy or beer with water is one of the best homemade tips for long hair. Take a bottle of beer and also a bottle of water. Now take equal quantities of beer and water and mix them together. Now pour this solution in a spray bottle and use it as a hair spray all throughout the day and later wash your hair in the evening with a mild shampoo.

37. Organic Shampoos:

Homemade Tips For Long Hair - Organic shampoos

This is one very important long hair tips which tells you to completely dump your usual shampoo and switch over to some organic shampoo. This means you should now move over your chemical, perfumed hair wash for a concoction of reetha, shikakai and essential oils.

38. Olive Oil:

olive oil for long hair

Oil therapies are always the best tips for long hair and how to keep them healthy. In earlier times only Italians knew how to use olive oil properly but now it has become popular all over the world. The usage of olive oils in various shampoos and hair packs are evidences enough. To get it in a simpler way you can just get an olive oil massage done twice a week for awesome results.

39. Onions Protects Your Long Hiar:

onions for long hair

Onions are said to be homemade tips for long hair even before all these chemical hair and beauty products were even invented. People used onions in various ways to take care of their beautiful long mane. Onion juice is a great food for good hair and boiled onion skin can also be used as a hair rinse for better hair growth.

40. Honey:

Honey for long hair

Honey can be made a part of your hair care routine in a number of ways such as by applying directly or maybe as a part of your hair pack. Here we will talk about how to use honey for your long hair in the easiest way. Just take a little honey and mix it with your regular conditioner and apply it like you usually do.

41. Walnut:

walnuts for long hair

On the one hand, walnut oil is very useful for some really healthy and long hair and again on the other side walnut leaves are other things which are real long hair tips. It is often a problem using this, so you can grind these to add on to your hair pack or maybe add the leaves along with your henna leaves.

42. Oil Cocktail:

Oil Cocktail

Oil massage is good for all hair types and just like our body needs some regular exercise for healthy living, our hair also needs the same. A hair massage is just like a hair workout regime. The best oil cocktail to be used for this purpose can be castor oil with lavender essential oil and some crushed garlic.

43. Neem Oil:

Homemade Tips For Long Hair - Neem Oil

Neem or margosa is an antiseptic agent and also an Ayurvedic remedy for many years. It is said that using neem oil for the hair prevents it from breakage and also kills any kind of fungus which can later cause dandruff. This is because dandruff and other germs can spoil your hair and damage the strands in very less time.

44. Natural Hair Colour:

henna fr long hair

Very common among Indian ladies is the use of Henna which is like a natural colouring agent and is also very healthy for the hair. This is much better than all synthetic hair colours and is one of the homemade tips for long hair. The mixing of coffee or black tea leaves gives the hair some darker and longer lasting colour.

45. Salty Water:

Salt water for long hair

Here salty water means naturally salty water or sea water and not salt dissolved in a glass of water. It is said by many experts that the effect of salty water on the hair makes it look better and also makes it stronger.

46. Chinese Food:

Homemade Tips For Long Hair - chinese food

This is going to make a lot of people happy because Chinese food is like a rage all over the world due to the lovely flavours and light on the palette state of these foods. It is also good for the hair because Chinese food generally contains very useful ingredients such as sesame, fleece root, ginger and other such helpful herbs.

47. Coconut Milk:

coconut milk for long hair

Coconut milk is like tips for long hair as well as short hair. Coconut extracts used in any way is very good for hair maintenance. Now coconut can be grated and squeezed for the milk which can directly be applied to the hair or you can also boil it to separate the oil from it which you can apply again.

48. Lotus Flower:

lotus flower

It is not always easy to get lotus flowers just for the sake of making hair packs. So for the ease of everyone lotus essential oils are available in the market and can be added to your organic shampoo or maybe some other hair packs. At times when you get a lotus flower, you can use the stem to grind it and apply as a hair conditioner.

49. Eucalyptus Oil- Home Made Tip For Long Hair:

Eucalyptus oil fr long hair

Eucalyptus essential oil is very good even for dandruff and any other hair issue any way but as one of the homemade tips for long hair too eucalyptus oil is very important. You can get eucalyptus leaves if you can and then use it raw or you can simply buy a bottle of eucalyptus oil and use it as a remedy too.

50. Sleeping Technique:

Sleeping for long hair

It is important to take care of your long length hair even when you are sleeping. Often we tend to keep our hair tightly tied when we are going off to bed and this is very harmful for your long hair. You should let your tresses hand loose and let them breathe for better looking hair.

Long hair maintenance is hard but to be beautiful you always have to work a little extra. It has been now made easier for you with so many tips for long hair from which you can choose according to your ease and comfort.

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