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10 Latest Pictures of Angelina Jolie without Makeup

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We all have heard of the beauty icon and diva Angelina Jolie at one point of life. Be it you watching Hollywood movies or not, she is internationally and globally recognized and well known for her sense of style, attitude, acting skills, and beauty. But have you ever saw the real life, Angelina Jolie, without makeup? Being quite busy in her hectic schedules, show, and family, it is not easy to come across her in natural style, unlike we always point at her on screen. This article will tell about the real-life beauty and face of the global icon Angelina no makeup. The actress is already applauded for her skills, modelling career and also as social activist but most of us hardly have seen how she looks off the camera!

12 Unseen Angelina Jole without Makeup Pictures:

The international beauty icon Angelina Jolie without makeup pictures are quite shocking and real. Find out the real-life face of Angelina no makeup here. Read for details.

1. The Million Dollar Smile:

Angelina Jolie without Makeup

Angelina Jolie, the prettiest woman to be born, has always been the minimalist when it came to off screen beauty tactic. She had always shown mature decision making skills when it came to her off screen appearance where most of the time she would sport a minimum barely-there makeup face and be honest, does she even need one? Looking at this picture of her on one of her so-called events, it is evitable that she is a diva in her self where. As her natural blush covers her face, she looks smitten while she sports her million-dollar smile. Even without makeup, Jolie manages to look spectacular.

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2. The True Self:

Angelina Jolie without Makeup

Jolie has been the type of personality who would risk it going bare as she admits that she thrives on natural colours. While on screen, her makeup and costume are mandatory but when it comes to off camera outings and events, she has always maintained her personality, sticking to her word when she says she is not the type to paint her face now and then. Here is yet another example of how she does it so flawlessly without the need for cover ups. This is among the most viral and real raw smile of Jolie no makeup in real form. We are in love with flawless beauty!

3. Suited up:

Angelina Jolie without Makeup

Here is one of the candid moments where Angelina was snapped during one of her formal attire events. Usually, Jolie has always been causally cool when it comes to dressing up for an outing event. She has always sported a minimum of the look, but here we were gawping as she waltzed down the road, in her black suit. Her hair was parted from the middle and let to fall freely as she carried her tainted skin bag and walked by after flashing us an approving smile. This Angelina Jolie without makeup unbroken picture may not be very clear, but we cannot help but fall in love with her natural beauty and her smile. Quite candid!

4. The Power She Holds:

Angelina Jolie without Makeup

As we always say, Angelina is something more than just a model or actress or filmmaker. Being a humanitarian and a social activist, Angelina Jolie was currently elected as a goodwill ambassador for the UNHCR. That stands for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. Being the person she is, Jolie soon ventured out for a heart to heart with some of them face to face. Dressed in a casual pair of blue jean and white top Jolie even spent the day listening to Sikh music played by some of the children working in the Khalsa Diwan Welfare society. Needless to remind here she is without makeup.

5. The Cover Girl:

Angelina Jolie without Makeup

Jolie has been a fan of Louis Vuitton for a long time now and finally a few years back, she was given the title of the brand ambassador of Louis Vuitton. Since then she has dedicated her life to brand and market LV bags, and here was one such picture where she was seen sporting one. Here her looks are kept in the dark, by her dark shades while without makeup and hair pulled in a bun, she looked simply perfect. This Angelina Jolie without makeup pictures is among most known to several of her fans and followings given the way she looks quite candid to herself and smiles all over. Others cannot beat her elegance and style.

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6. The Back Set Chat:

Angelina Jolie without Makeup

Jolie in the past has been described as a much benevolent person who would be as free as a bee when she came in contact with the company. As usual, on the sets of her movie, Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, she played a fierce, fearless character on screen, but when it came to off screen free time, she decided to join some of her crew members for a good chat. Such down to earth personality person she is, we cannot agree on this more! Here in the above picture, you can see how flawlessly she looks perfect with her spotless complexion and sans makeup look.

7. Maintain Her Role:

Maintain Her Role

Even though Angelina all set for her pre-wedding family vacation in the Galapagos island with to be beau and children, Jolie being nominated a high position in her UNHCR committee made sure her she gets her job done on time. This is why out of the blue she pops in at Ecuador to talk with some refugees and once again her flawless looks simply mesmerize us. She is still that one person who can take the crown without the makeup. Despite the natural beauty and elegance, Angelina never steps back on doing social activities and help for communities across the globe.

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8. A Random Close Up:

A Random Close Up

This is one of the random pictures of Angelina that was taken as a candid shot, and while she does not see us, we do see her. The word swirled that Jolie’s beauty might just be superficial and could only dazzle us on screen. Exhaustion and pressure have gotten to Jolie, but here in this picture, looking beyond the tired face filled with exhaustion, you will see a beautiful woman who does not require makeup to prove her worth. This raw and bold photo of Angelina Jolie without makeup is our favourite, and we see the real strong women in here.

9. The Sober Look:

The Sober Look

While Jolie has busied herself with her new work, here is a picture of her in her work clothes clad in a simple white shirt with her organization tag hanging from the pockets as she looked sober without makeup and still managed to look outstanding. The radiance and youthful expressions are to die for; she looks gorgeous completely. Such a simple personality!

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10. In a Rush:

In a Rush

Here is Jolie rushing to her position on the sets of her movie “wanted” where she sported simple white tee and formal trousers, and even with a heap of dishevelled hair, she looked fresh and radiant. Despite being in rush time and running for her schedule, this Angelina no makeup look is among our best viral picture given the way she looks natural and to herself without denial.

11. The Raw Glam:

The Raw Glam

No one can ever deny or dismiss the fact that Angelina is also a timeless beauty. Despite her age and transformation in the body sense, she still looks gorgeous and youthful with radiance and glows in the face. This picture of Angelina without makeup is taken when she was out to her schedules and is not yet put the makeup on. She looks gorgeous that we are speechless to describe her beauty!

12. The no Makeup Selfie:

Angelina Jolie without Makeup

One can only think of the strong and bold women Angelina Jolie is after seeing this picture. This Angelina Jolie no makeup selfie has created a stir across the globe when many saw this picture of hers. While some praised her strong and bold looks, others criticized her. But as far as we know and we are concerned, we cannot deny the fact that she looks beautiful, embracing her natural beauty.

Additional Tips:

We all love the way Angelina Jolie no makeup looks are. Here are a few other suggestions to work on timeless beauty.

  1. It does not matter if a particular time or instance. The process goes on forever and hence should work on skincare routine regularly without fail.
  2. Keep less makeup always and remove makeup by the end of the day. Never sleep with makeup on.
  3. A good and healthy diet works wonders to have good and beautiful glowing skin.
  4. Moisturize and nourish skin regularly as the skin requires natural oils and moisture to retain the glow.
  5. Use products which are of less harsh chemicals or no chemicals and in a most natural way as possible for sustainable beauty and glow in face and skin.

Given the above pictures of Angelina Jolie without makeup, let us know the favourite look of hers in the comments. She is timeless beauty, and we cannot agree more on the fact that Angelina looks gorgeous despite her age and transformation of the body in recent years. It is all in the determination that she manages to look and follow her schedules.

People Also Asked:

1. What are Angelina Jolie makeup tips for beginners?

The actress prefers the glammed up and elegant look. Angelina Jolie eye makeup involves lots like cat eyeliner and shimmer look. Further, she goes by smooth and toned down the skin with nude or bold lips. The Angelina Jolie makeup artist is Tony G, who is among her favourite and works on the look for several of her events and schedules.

2. What is Angelina Jolie skincare routine?

Angelina swears by the products which have natural and richness of ingredients within them. Hence she works on aloe vera, tea tree-based products and those with natural and herbal ingredients for glow and glam look.

3. What Angelina Jolie fitness does the celebrity follow for best looks?

Angelina believes in a lot of circuit training. She works every day and regularly without fail. Her workout has a lot to do with exercises contributing to the health and fitness of various body parts, including legs, chest, abs, and glutes.

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