14 Stunning Pictures of Liv Tyler Without Makeup

Liv Rundgren Tyler also known as just Liv Tyler is one of the most famous American actresses of this generation. She has done some magnificent screen play performances and has won many hearts by her immensely beautiful smile. People generally don’t tend to consider the fact this woman is beautifully naturally and she doesn’t require to make herself look appealing. This article will be suitable for them, as in here we will be discussing about some of the best makeup-free pictures of Liv Tyler. Also featured are some popular Liv Tyler no makeup selfies.

1. Lady Cupid:

This is such a cute picture of Liv Tyler. She posed with a popping out heart hairband and seems to spread the message of “Love Everyone”. This gorgeous actress has no traces of makeup on her face yet managed to look stunning. Her furry collared winter coat was quite a fashion statement.

2. Cuddle Time:

Liv Tyler loves children. In this picture, she seems to be extremely happy in the company of the cute little kids. She was spotless in her no make up picture. Her raven hair, which matched her outfit made her lovely skin shine with beauty. Three cheers to this picture!

3. Just Before Makeup:

Does Liv Tyler really need makeup? We say NO! This picture was taken just before her makeup artist began her work on Liv’s face. Her skin was like a clean canvas for any artist to begin their art. She has spotless skin and one can observe the lovely pinkish glow on her cheeks.

4. The Perfect Reunion Selfie:

This selfie of Alicia Silver stone and Liv Tyler is such a perfect picture. The childhood best friends seem to be bonding with each other in memory of their long friendship. Liv looked like age is just a number for her. Except for a little loose skin, she was as beautiful as ever.

5. Call me On My Cell Phone:

Liv Tyler without makeup1

Liv Tyler is the singer of Aerosmith’s lead singer and she has quite some amount of talent when it comes to singing as well. The only difference is that, she is not a professional singer like her great father. Liv has spent most of her life in the film industry and made people belief and reveal her naturally beautiful face among people as well. This picture is surely one of the best Liv Tyler without makeup pictures. She looks so casual and at the same time quite beautiful as well. The woman is so simple and beautiful, it seems as if she has come to the streets right out of bed to make a few calls.

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6. Beauty’s Day Out:


Here, we can see Liv Tyler without wearing any makeup at all. She was rocking the simple garment style and was confidently sporting her naturally beautiful face. She is clearly one of the most naturally gorgeous actresses of all time in Hollywood.

7. Sizzling Siren:

Liv Tyler without makeup3

Liv has a childish smile and that’s what makes her so pure. She is a great person from the inside and that reflects in the form of natural beauty on the outer side. With a great physique, she has got a toner naturally-granted face by God, which makes her suitable for most of the girly roles.

8. Baby’s Day Out:

Liv Tyler without makeup4

Liv Tyler was spotted coming out of her apartment, with a handful of bags, which clearly indicated that she had some serious traveling plans that weekend. Liv is one of the most beautiful actresses, whose beauty comes naturally and she doesn’t even have to try to look beautiful. This is one of the finest LIv Tyler no makeup pictures.

9. Evening Stroll:

Liv Tyler without makeup5

Liv was again spotted wearing her no makeup face, when she was walking the streets with her dog. This makes for such a cute picture, as the lady and her dog both seemed to be extremely happy in each other’s company. The all black costume complemented her fair skin very well.

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10. The Airport Look:

Liv Tyler without makeup6

Liv was spotted at the airport, where she she was displaying her simple side by wearing a casual outfit. There was no makeup on her face that day, which means there was immense display of a woman’s natural beauty. She opted for a breezy, yet warm linen trench coat in her black t-shirt and blue denim. This is travelling in style!

11. Staying Cosy, Yet Stylish:

Liv Tyler without makeup7

Liv Tyler was spotted departing from the Gym with a beautiful coat and a pair of yoga pants on. Without a doubt, she wasn’t wearing any makeup at all but still managed to look quite hot and attractive. Her unique style is worth applauding. She paired up her yoga dress with a long winter trench coat. Who says winter’s cold??

12. Peek-a-Boo:

Liv Tyler without makeup8

Here, we have a really cute picture of Liv Tyler, which was clicked during the Winters in New York. Liv was walking down the streets with her face covered up totally. But we can still see a part of her facial natural beauty being revealed.

13. Check Mate:

Liv Tyler without makeup9

Here we can see the infamous Liv Tyler sporting her natural beauty and her casual sense of clothing while she was shopping for some groceries. She seems to be playing her game very well in this checker shirt. There was no hint of makeup on her face but looked as beautiful as a ray of sun.

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10. Mom and Son Bonding:


Liv Tyler was again snapped on the streets carrying her son. That day, she was wearing no makeup at all and still look pretty gorgeous. She wore a simple oversized t-shirt and a blue legging. Although her skin showed aging signs, she still can give the budding models a run for their money.

This article provides you with some of the best pictures of Liv Tyler without wearing any makeup at all. She is one of the most beautiful actresses of all time, without a doubt and she likes to show off her natural beauty quite frequently. She has a great smile and a great physique which allows her to be cute and sexy at the same time. Liv does look a little aged in some of the recent pictures, but she seems to accept the natural aging process quite gracefully. She is definitely not one of them who covers up her wrinkles with botox. The blue-eyed belle is always our favourite. We hope you liked this article of Liv Tyler no make selfie pictures.

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