Beyonce Heat Fragrance Ad Controversy

Beyonce Heat Fragrance Ad Controversy

It seems that Beyonce’s first fragrance Heat ad has raised a great controversy in Britain where parents seem to have reported the video as being inappropriate for kids to watch. Beyonce Heat fragrance ad controversy has triggered a response from Coty, the company behind this luscious perfume, a response which doesn’t agree with the parents which claim the ad is too provocative and too revealing.

The reps claim the ad was only showing the “sexy” style of Beyonce and that she was at no time naked. There is a scene where B seems to be naked into a bathtub but there is nothing too revealing about that, there have been soap commercials as revealing as Beyonce but that is up to Advertising Standards Authorities to decide, and they have decided the ad shouldn’t have been aired before dark.

Beyonce Heat Fragrance Ad Controversy Beyonce Heat Fragrance Ad Controversy

So it seems that Beyonce’s Heat commercial will not be aired until 7:30 pm in Britain so that kids will not have to be exposed to the “sexy” commercial. This is actually the first time that Beyonce was involved in a controversy of such kind but there are opinions and opinions. Some people find the ad sexy but not indecent while others find the commercial absolutely revolting and not suitable for kids to see.

The Advertising Standards Authorities in Britain stated the ad is “sexually provocative” and “unsuitable” for children. They representatives for ASA also stated that :

“Beyonce’s body movements and the camera’s prolonged focus on shots of her dress slipping away to partially expose her breasts created a sexually provocative as that was unsuitable to be seen by young children.”

Well, we’ll let you decide and make up your mind if this commercial should be banned!

Beyonce Heat Fragrance Commercial


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