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Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde are the New Revlon Ambassadors

Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde are the New Revlon Ambassadors

Hollywood hotties Olivia Wilde and Emma Stone have added a great endorsement deal to their long list of achievements becoming the global ambassadors of Revlon Cosmetics. The two join a number of celebrities who have represented the brand in the past such as Kate Hudson, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Halle Berry and Elle MacPherson.

According to brand representative, Alan Ennis, Revlon’s president and chief executive officer, the two well known actresses are the perfect depiction of the Revlon woman who is “glamorous, confident and bold.”

The two stars are more than just other two pretty faces. They “embody strength, beauty and femininity. Emma is so classic in a Grace Kelly real movie star way and she is an amazing actress as well. Olivia has the most unbelievably beautiful eyes and she is also cool and intelligent. I cannot wait for everyone to see our new Revlon campaigns.”

The company’s perspective on the attributes of the powerful modern woman resonate well with Emma who has been familiar with the brand from an early age: “Revlon recognizes that every woman is multifaceted and magnificent in their own way and the expression of individuality is as important to Revlon as it is to me. I have been familiar with Revlon for as long as I can remember,” she stated. “I vividly recall my mom wearing Revlon makeup and I remember getting to the age when I was finally able to wear Revlon myself.”

Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde are the New Revlon Ambassadors Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde are the New Revlon Ambassadors

In turn, Olivia Wilde holds great respect for the company due to their commitment for enhancing women’s beauty and health: ‘I have always admired Revlon and their commitment to giving women the confidence and tools they need to feel beautiful, both inside and out,” she says. “Creatively, Revlon has never been afraid to push the envelope, which is important to me.  I also love that they use their tremendous recognizability around the world to do good as one of the industry’s biggest champions of women’s health. It’s exciting to join a company with a big heart and big ideas!”

The two beauties will be featured in an ad campaign which will promote a new color cosmetics line and new nail enamel products which are set to hit the store shelves in early 2020. However, fans of the brand and of the two actresses will get the chance to see photos of the stars in the months and weeks before the official launch as long as they follow the Revlon brand on Facebook and Twitter.

On the other hand, the two newest ambassadors of the brand don’t have personal profits on their minds only. Both of them are planning to become actively involved in supporting the brand’s philanthropic efforts. The brand’s philanthropic activity history is fairly impressing as more than $65 millions have been raised for women’s cancer research in the past 10 years.

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