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Florence Welch Covers Company April 2020

Florence Welch Covers Company April 2020

English singer Florence Welch impressed the world with her stunning voice and remarkable style that makes her unique and with a new single out in the beginning of April, titled “Never Let Me Go”. The 25 year old singer decided to sit down for a chat with Company for the magazine’s April 2020 issue. The diva talks about her childhood, music and future with the magazine while doing an exciting spread for the magazine.

With a very unique sound, Florence Welch attracts attention like a magnet, so find out more about the 25 year old singer by taking a glimpse of her interview with Company magazine. Putting on a stunning performance every time, the singer manages to attract an array of spectators and fans, but it seems that one gig managed to become memorable for the singer. She shared with Company that:

“When we played The Other Stage at Glastonbury [2020]. There were just so many people – literally as far as my eyes could see.”

Florence Welch Covers Company April 2020

With a passion for music from an early age, Ms. Welch reveals that she had a penchant for musicals and that her favorite childhood musical was by far ‘Oliver!’, a musical based on the novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. Florence told the magazine that:

“I was obsessed with musicals as a kid and my grandmother used to take us to see ‘Oliver!’ every Christmas. There was never any chance of going to see a different one, it was always ‘Oliver!’.”

Apparently, Florence Welch has a special relationship with her mom, as when asked which is the best advice she has ever received from her mother, the singer tells the magazine that she can’t just pick one as there was an array of them. She says:

“[It] is difficult to sum up in one sentence. My mum’s given me so much advice that she’s like an oracle.”

As far as how she sees herself in the distant future, at the age of 90, Florence Welch hopes that she’ll manage to follow in the steps of style-icon Iris Apfel. She tells Company that: “I like to think I’ll look like Iris Apfel, with lots of jewelry and patterns going on!”

Check out Florence Welch’s full interview and stunning photo spread in Company April 2020 issue.

Florence Welch Covers Company April 2020 Florence Welch Covers Company April 2020

Photos courtesy of Company

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