Glamorous Pics of Kajol in Saree – Evergreen Collection

The feminine communities all over the world get their inspiration to wear clothes from movie, drama actress. The same goes for wearing traditional clothing like saree. Saree is a lengthy material which is tied into a body shaping outfit. The actress in Bollywood, Kajol Devgan who is famous for wearing simple plain saree in her movie as well as designer saree for occasions like store opening, festive seasons and other happening events. Kajol saree collection is definitely a growing list which includes the best saree designed by famous designers and also self-designed saree. Retaining the traditional outfit concept and making it more fancy and glamorous through designs and material used gives a positive development in the clothing industry.

Stunning Looks of Kajol Devgan in Saree That Will Inspire You:

Charming and evergreen beauty actress Kajol in saree with there latest looks.

1. Kajol Black Saree:

Kajol in Saree

Actress Kajol Black saree, a dream image. Yes, a glamorous net saree with contrast coloured border with handmade embroidery design. The net material is lightweight and easy to carry which matches well matched with a sleeveless designer blouse. The advantage of black saree with heavy colourful border makes ladies look slimmer and body fitting. The hot stunning black saree is an absolute best outfit for an evening party at your friends’ place or your friend’s Sangeet, one of the wedding events at the Indian wedding ceremony.

2. Kajol in Designer Sarees:

Designer sarees are definitely a must-have saree in your saree collection list. Get inspiration from actress Kajol in designer sarees, a cream net saree with bottle green and golden coloured border. The whole saree body is designed with handmade floral embroidery work with glitter work. The embroidery work makes the saree to glow out in the crowd. The heavy work designer saree is good to wear saree for an occasion like a wedding reception; birthday party’s as well as for a movie festival.

3. Kajol in Red Saree:

Want to have a bright colour saree after watching Bollywood actress Kajol wearing it in a movie, then check Kajol in red saree type. This red saree is a perfect traditional saree with silver glitter work accompanied with a golden border. The silver work is seen along the border as well as on the entire body of the saree. The red glittery saree is a perfect saree to wear for friends get together party or friends birthday. Pair the red saree with a pearl necklace and a golden jute bag.

4. Kajol Grey Saree:

Kajol grey saree, the grey outfit is a pure traditionally designed saree made from pure cotton material with a golden border made from pattu silk. The saree is paired with a contrast-coloured maroon blouse. The length of the blouse sleeve can either be long or short depending on individual choice. The apt occasion to wear a plain, as well as traditional saree, would definitely be for a temple visit, pilgrimage vacation where you visit many temples, historical places during the summer season.

5. Kajol Blue Saree:

Blue an elegant colour also available in a different hue. Saree collection of different Shades of blue is one among the to-have list in any women wardrobe. To add in that list, ladies check out actress Kajol blue saree which is a navy blue shade self-printed silk saree. The saree is matched with similar colour sleeveless blouse. The dark navy blue colour simple silk saree can be worn for movie theatres as the material can protect the skin from cinema A/C hall as well as provides a comfortable feel.

6. Kajol Yellow Saree:

A traditional outfit like saree can be made to look richer by wearing vibrant colours. One such eye catchy colour is yellow, actress Kajol yellow saree is a brilliant egg yolk coloured yellow saree with a white border. The body of the saree is also designed with horizontal thick white lines. Pair the saree with a micro sleeve golden sequence worked blouse. Wear this saree during festive seasons and make your surrounding also bright and vibrant and bring in positive vibe to your house.

7. Kajol Floral Saree:

Floral sarees always an amazing design to wear in any season of the year. The floral designs add a unique style when worn along with a simple blouse. Kajol floral saree is a double coloured saree which has two parts to it, the lower part of the saree is red in colour and the pallu is white in colour with floral printed design. The best occasion to wear this stylish floral saree is for a white and red code instructed parties or party with a colourful theme.

8. Kajol in Sabyasachi Saree:

Sabyasachi a famous fashion designer from Kolkata, India. He is known for his rich and lavish designer attires. The fashion industry actor and actress have been wearing his designer clothes, Kajol in Sabyasachi saree is one of the examples for ladies who want to wear designer saree. The saree worn by actress Kajol is a combination of red with cream where the pleats are designed with floral embroidery work. The best occasion to wear a royal and rich saree is definitely one of your wedding saree.

9. Kajol in Silk Saree:

Silk sarees are in the market for many decades now, but to be updated with the current silk saree design changes the best would be watching actress wearing trendy silk saree. Kajol in silk saree perfect example for ladies who want to have a simple but elegant silk saree. The pink silk saree with zari borders is an attractive design. Wear this beautiful silk saree for any family party or a birthday party where you can feel yourself comfortable carrying saree for a longer time.

10. Kajol in Pink Saree:

Stunning looking actress Kajol in pink saree is an attractive saree with matching blouse. The colour of the saree is a dual colour which includes light pink as the body colour and dark pink as the border colour. The blouse matches with the border colour. The body of the saree is completely self-designed with chikan work along with glitter work. The pink colour saree is perfect to wear for any festive occasion as well as one of the saree during wedding season.

Kajol a famous Bollywood actress known for her saree and style from many movies which later fans started naming the actress with movie names like Kajol saree in Dilwale and many other names. Fans of her would definitely be inspired after viewing the top 10 Kajol saree collection along with perfect images and eager to have them in your closet. Choose the best saree which fits your body shape and personality rather than buying one which might fit properly due to the colour, fabric of the saree of even the saree design. Pick the right saree and enjoy the occasion or movie you are planning to attend!