Jennifer Love Hewitt Covers Miami Living Magazine

Jennifer Love Hewitt Covers Miami Living Magazine

Jennifer Love Hewitt covers Miami Living Magazine and looks absolutely glamorous. In the accompanying interview, the lovely 33-year-old actress talks about the pressure of constantly having to flaunt a flawless silhouette, being happily single, her best quality, ‘The Client List’ and her character Riley Parks. “My character Riley is what I pictured. My mom was a single mom with two kids, so much of who Riley is emotionally really feels like my mom to me, so that’s really fun for me to do everyday. I feel like I get to go back and get to know maybe a piece of my mom that I wasn’t alive for yet, which is really nice – other than the massage parlor aspect of it, obviously,” Jennifer says.

On the pressure of being in perfect shape, Jennifer says that, “To say I didn’t feel pressure would be a lie. Most of my pressure is self-inflicted pressure. The body changes and your metabolism changes, and carbs lay differently than they use to… It’s more like a challenge I hand myself every year, to sort of be in better condition and take better care of myself, so that I can have kids one day and live a long healthy, happy life. You add on top of it Hollywood and pictures that they take, and things that they want to say – it gets to me sometimes. I try to keep a healthy mind about it.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt Covers Miami Living Magazine Jennifer Love Hewitt Covers Miami Living Magazine

The gorgeous starlet admits that she is currently single and happy. “It’s been good to be single. I think I’m at an interesting age to do that, ’cause I’m sort of at an age where most women are settling down and getting married and having kids… And you definitely feel the pressure, sort of, from the universe to start thinking about those things. It’s really interesting to find yourself not doing that.”

But what must Mr. Right have in order to draw her attention? “A miracle. A mir-a-cle. He has got to be named Miracle,” Jennifer says. “Ya know what? I really don’t know. At this point, giving up or surrendering is a bad thing to say because that sounds so hopeless – but I don’t really know.”

Jennifer says that right now she is in that moment of her life when she figures out “who she is, what she wants, doesn’t want, what she’s willing to put up with and not willing to put up with.” “When I finished the book [The Day I Shot Cupid (2020)] and it came out and I was talking to people about it… I realized that maybe I didn’t spend enough time in the book on how in yourself you have to be before you can find that person. I think that’s where I am now.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt Covers Miami Living Magazine

Jennifer Love Hewitt Covers Miami Living Magazine

She is a beautiful and talented actress, but what does she consider as being her best quality? The starlet confesses that, “I think I’m kind of funny, just because I’m brutally honest most of the time, which sometimes is a good thing and sometimes is not. But I tend to make my friends laugh a lot and that I really like.”

In the interview with Miami Living, Jennifer also reveals some things that fans might be surprised to find about her. “I know a lot of rap songs. I’m obsessed with hip-hop music,” she says. The actress admits that she and co-star Rebecca Field rap “like nobody’s business” while having their hair and makeup done on set. “Rebecca is teaching me Biggie Smalls and Nicki Minaj. Right now, I have the lyrics printed out to ‘Super Bass’ and when I’m at home, I sit in my Brookstone foot massager and study the Nicki Minaj lyrics so that I can hopefully know all of the words,” she explains.

But what Jennifer would have loved do to if she hadn’t become an actress? “Being a lawyer, if you think about it, I think it sort of goes back to acting a little bit, getting up in front of the jury, pleading your case. I think that would be really, really cool. Or a chef! Yeah, I would be a chef or a lawyer. Maybe I can be a cooking lawyer. I can sauté and plead my case,” she told the magazine.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Covers Miami Living Magazine

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