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Justin Bieber Makes Friends with Bully Victim Casey Heynes

Justin Bieber Makes Friends with Bully Victim Casey Heynes

Apparently Justin Bieber isn’t on the side of the bullies. On his tour in Australia he made friends with bullying victim, Casey Heynes, a student from Sydney Australia, who finnaly stood-up for himself after being bullied by another kid.

The video in which Casey is being bullied has gone viral and apparently it got to Bieber as well, hence the singer tracked Casey down for his Melbourne concert and invited him to join. People all over the world could relate to his story and everyone was all thumbs-up for Casey, including Justin Bieber.Justin Bieber Makes Friends with Bully Victim Casey Heynes

Bieber met Casey backstage after having him and his family join him for his concert as guests and called him “a real life hero”. Despite the fact that Casey reacts violently to the abuse (abuse which has been going on since primary school) he has received compassion and support from people across the world as the video and the news was spread to newspapers and news networks. Justin Bieber also said about his guest that:

“’When I first saw it on TMZ I thought, this is crazy, like I couldn’t believe it, it’s amazing,” “It shows everybody else that you have to stand up for yourself and you can’t just take it. The first thing you should do is go tell someone, but then you might have to hit back, sometimes you have to so I think that was important for you, especially in that situation. I’m proud of you and so many other people are.”

Justin Bieber has made his stand against bullying clear, and so he has invited Casey on stage in Melbourne and asked him to introduce his next song “Never Say Never”. The kid who stood-up for himself after years of bullying has drawn a signal of alarm as far as school safety goes. Bullying has been until now a sensitive subject, but not anymore. People are trying to combat violence, so try to offer your support by not supporting it.

Have you ever been bullied or witnessed bullying at school or work?

Justin Bieber Makes Friends with Bully Victim Casey Heynes

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