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Kim Kardashian Reveals Baby Gender

Kim Kardashian Reveals Baby Gender

Kim Kardashian revealed the gender of her baby and celebrated her baby shower! The star, who will be soon ready to welcome her bundle of joy, announced on Sunday that she’ll be having a daughter. Despite knowing the baby’s sex for quite some time, she got creative and did the best she could to keep the secret up until now. The star was excited about the news, especially since Kanye also wanted a baby girl: “I’m so excited I’m having a girl. I know that’s really what Kanye wants — he wanted a little girl,” the star stated.

Though rumors about Kanye’s lack of support have surfaced and many doubted that the rapper will be present at all at the star’s baby shower held at the house of music manager Irving Azoff, it turns out the rumors have been unfounded. A source told People.com that: “Kanye’s whole family – all the women from his mom’s side and dad’s side – attended the shower. Kanye was so excited to have his family be there to join in the celebration with Kim’s friends and family.”

Kim Kardashian Reveals Baby GenderKim Kardashian Reveals Baby Gender

Kim Kardashian’s aunt Karen Houghton also emphasized how cute the couple looked: “Kim and Kanye were so cute – he rubbed her belly. They’re just really blessed. It’s such a happy day.” With only one short month till birth, it seems that the reality star has put her fears behind her, at least for the moment. “At the beginning, that was what I feared the most, and now, I mean, it’s inevitable. It’s gonna happen – I’m really not worried or nervous,” she stated for HuffingtonPost.

Of course, the star won’t be giving birth like any regular woman. Kim Kardashian will be giving birth to a baby girl at the Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre and will be there for at least three days. The spending for the occasion has already begun: ”This is not going to be just any delivery, even by celebrity standards. Kim has already spent tens of thousands of dollars to make sure things go down without a glitch,” a source told National Enquirer. This is far from being an exaggeration: Kim and Kanye will be spending over $1 million to ensure she’ll be getting the very best conditions every step of the way. Her birthing suite alone will be costing $4000 per day. Her first week as a mother will be captured by a photographer who will be offering the service for $1000 a day.

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