Pamela Anderson Without Makeup – Our Top 8

Pamela Denise Anderson was a former active celebrity renowned for her acting skills and social activities and events. In her past years she has enjoyed quiet her fair share of fame until now in the recent days she has taken to herself and decided not to partake in anymore of the media events. However once she was well known for her beauty and it is wonder at an age of her late forties she still looks the stunning self only maybe a bit older.

8 Unseen Pictures of Pamela Anderson Without Makeup:

Let we have to look at the Pamela Anderson without makeup.

The Shoulder Turn Shot:

Pamela Anderson without makeup

In her late 40s, Pamela may not be an active on screen person at the moment, but her media presence dating way back to her Baywatch days are still pursuing her. Now a retired social activist and former actress, Pamela still looks radiant and fit for a woman edging her 50s. in this picture, she and her little dog both looks radiant and bright.

The Close Up Reveal:

Pamela Anderson without makeup 2

Often the stars would dare to bare it out as they go makeup less on the streets running their errands. At such a time the best way to snap a celebrity to see how they look behind all the heavy makeup is by talking a close up. Here in this picture, edging towards a half century, Pam Anderson sports a clear and neat skin. the faint freckles tells us she has no makeup on and even so she is one pretty diva.

The Petite Blond:

Pamela Anderson without makeup 3

Even at the age of around 47, Pamela Anderson has not let the age get the best of her. Working towards a toned figure at a late age is something Anderson took up as a challenge and hence the results were dumbfounding. As she struts in a plain V-neck tee and short white shorts, she looks completely fabulous. Her coral checkered bag adds to her outfit.

Just a Glimpse:

Pamela Anderson without makeup 5

Pamela was on her way to somewhere in a hurry and just before she could close the door to her car, she spotted a pap clicking a picture of her, bare faced. From the looks of it, she did not mind since she already knew she looks perfect even sans the makeup. Her hair here is combed and swept to one side as she dressed in a plain white tank looks smooth.

Ageing Gracefully:

Pamela Anderson without makeup 6

When it comes to ageing gracefully, ask Pamela Anderson how she does it so flawlessly. Here in this picture she was engaging herself in some free hand exercise where she admittedly looked a little aged without all the makeup and the exercise was flushing her face in a red hue. But with her hair brushed back and she looking gracefully, we know age is just a number for her.

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The One Shoulder Rock On:

Pamela Anderson without makeup 7

How many women would at a late age dare to bare their naked shoulder and walk comfortably in a hitched up short dress. Pamela surely would. In this picture of her with a short white dress she looks aged but fiery hot.

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The Quick Walk By:

Pamela Anderson without makeup 8

She had no time to stop, but the pap was quick enough to get a picture of her sans makeup running across with a sheet wrapped around her and honestly from her barbed wires to her free flowing bond hair, she looked to the point.

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Marathon Anderson:

Pamela Anderson without makeup 9

This picture was taken after she ran for six long hours in the New York Marathon and wouldn’t you be surprised by her beauty after a six hour run?