Priyanka Chopra Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

Priyanka Chopra Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

One of the most beautiful women of the world, Piggy Chopps aka Priyanka Chopra is an absolute fashionista. She is Bollywoods most recognized actress and has also established her reputation as a singer, model, performer and philanthropist. She is the ambassador of many famous brands such as Garnier, Hero Honda, Pepsi, Nokia and Nestle. She has also worked with the UNICEF to create awareness around the world and also for child rights which is some of the world’s biggest concern today. Despite being such a busy person, Priyanka manages to look beautiful all the time. Some of her beauty secrets have also been revealed below.

Priyanka Chopra Beauty Tips:

We have enlisted below some best Priyanka Chopra Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets.

1. Hair:

priyanka chopra beauty tips

Priyanka Chopra is famous all over Bollywood for her beautiful hair and all the super trendy and fashionable hairstyles that she changes so frequently. She takes good care of it by doing a hot oil massage three times a week. According to her, hot oil is best for the hair and really helps in controlling any damage or hair loss.

2. Skin:

Priyanka’s flawless wheatish complexion has been the cause of jealously for so many Bollywood starlets. Since she is a well known actress and model, she takes care of her skin by cleansing, toning and moisturizing daily. She also drinks more than 8 glasses of water every day to stay hydrated and to keep her skin radiant.

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3. Eyes:


Priyanka has some of the most desirable and innocent eyes in the entire of B town. She usually highlights them by using a good smudge proof kajal or eyeliner. She also uses mascara to highlight the beauty of her eyes.



Priyanka Chopra is a lover of food. She enjoys eating and has declared several times during interviews that food is something she completely adores. However, she does stay away from deep fried or fatty foods and indulges into fruits, vegetables and dishes that are steamed. Coconut water is her favorite and is an essential element in her diet.

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4. Fitness Regime:

Priyanka Chopra keeps herself fit and in good shape by exercising daily. She is however not a gym freak and does the exact amount of exercises that are needed for her body. She likes to keep her workout routine simple yet very effective.

5. Favourite Products:

Have you ever wondered why Priyanka looks so glamorous all the time? Well, it’s mostly because of her favourite beauty products that she cannot do without for even a single day. Bobbi Brown Concealer, Cliniques Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, Clarins HydraQuench Cream and Ralph Lauren Romance are some of the examples to be spotted.

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6. Lips:

The secret behind Priyanka Chopra’s luscious lips are The Body Shop lip balms and Laura Mercier Lip stain which she uses daily to make her lips look pretty, plump and very attractive. Mulberry, nude brown and pink are her favourite lipstick colours.

7. Makeup:

Priyanka usually uses MAC for her eyes and skin. She also claims that in order to make her makeup look good, she moisturizes her skin daily to make it look supple, pleasant and glamorous at the same time. MAC Teddy and MAC studiofix foundation are some of her favourite MAC products.

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8. Blush:

Priyanka Chopra always uses a good blush for her skin and has a fetish for colours such as pink, peach and peachy-brown. She uses Nars Orgasm for her cheeks and uses some of the world’s best blushes in order to look fabulous and perfect all the time. Even though Nars is expensive, it is definitely a great product that gives your skin a sparkling and attractive look.

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