Stunning Looks of Vidya Balan in Saree Will Inspire You

We are living in a time, where skin show is considered acceptable and even mandatory for film actresses! However, one artist who broke those norms and chose to lead her pack is Vidya Balan. Vidya loves to experiment with her looks on-screen and goes any length to justify her character. But offscreen, we see the “Susheel” and “Sundar” Indian women, who epitomize decency and feminine beauty. In almost all major events, you are likely to sport Vidya Balan in saree, especially the ones designed by Sabyasachi, her favourite Bengali designer! In this article, we shall explore some of her best saree looks over a period of time!

Beautiful Vidya Balan in Saree With Pictures:

Let we have to look at the best looks of Vidya Balan in saree.

1. Vidya Balan Wedding Saree:

When the news of Vidya Balan’s wedding with Siddharth Roy Kapur reached the ears of the media, everyone was amazed to see her in a simple wedding saree. The red Sabyasachi silk saree was anything but over-the-top. Vidya opted for a low-key look by pairing the saree with traditional gold accessories and her red vermillion adorned forehead.

2. Vidya Balan Saree Backless:

If you always imagined Vidya Balan to be boring, check out this picture from Vidya Saree catalogue, where she proves all of us wrong. The actress does reveal her sensuous side with this white saree and red backless blouse. Her Bengali genes are quite noticeable in this picture with her skin shining in radiance. Need we say more?

3. Vidya Balan Green Saree:

Vidya Balan looks absolutely resplendent in this gorgeous green saree. She wore it during one of her promotional events and received much admiration for her choice. The saree was tastefully designed in gold and green that complements her glowing skin. Her million-dollar smile is something that we just can’t get over soon!

4. Vidya Balan Yellow Saree:

The brightness of this yellow saree almost blends with her shiny skin. Vidya looks like a Diva in this lovely creation. The yellow saree has beautiful silver embroidery on the borders, which are accentuated with a hint of black. A black blouse offered the right match to this gorgeous saree. Oh! Those killer eyes!

5. Vidya Balan In Sabyasachi Saree:

During many events like Cannes, where the other actresses try hard to draw attention, Vidya walks confidently in this simple, yet elegant Sabyasachi saree. Vidya looks radiant as ever in this copper colour saree, where she plays it safe, but not boring! The actress paired it with a maroon blouse and a coordinated clutch, leaving the audience with widely open jaws!

6. The Designer Wear:

Like many other elements in the universe that fall into place, Vidya Balan and her team up with saree does too. Vidya has always been a fan of ethnic wear and therefore in this Sabyasachi saree, Vidya looked quite elegant and graceful. The saree is mainly in black, well the most of it, with the pallu to the saree showing off a rather lustrous metallic hue.

7. In Red Saree:

When it comes to Vidya, she is sporty as ever but here other than her bubbly personality, the one other thing that attracts our peepers is the fiery vermillion red saree, in a bright popping colour. The saree is a plain sample of how beauty can be portrayed without ornaments. However to add some spice a slight golden border is added.

8. Ethnic Gold Silk Saree:

Black is one of the most rejuvenating colours that would simply be the most beautiful and would actually blend in with any shade of a lighter hue. Now yet another of the most empowering colour to tone in with the black is the surprising gold and here Vidya uses the authentic south Indian silk black and gold kanjeevaram fabric to make her look for the evening.

9. White Floral Saree:

Even Vidya has her days when she decided to step down a little and go on with her everyday look and still manage to look her pretty self. Vidya has always been a person who can carry herself off really well and here too she does so with her black on white crape saree. The floral patterns accentuate the black blouse.

10. Sequin Net Saree:

Here in this saree, Vidya decided to go bold with chiffon in a purple hue, rich and patterned. The saree is really a beautiful piece of work with the most authentic Rajasthani sequin patterned design on the borderline. Vidya herself dazzled like a million stars with her awesome glimmering black blouse.

11. Chiffon Embroiled Saree:

This Vidya Balan saree look is made of triangular light blue glitter patchworks, the entire saree in cream and chiffon looked extremely fabulous. The saree is fit for a simple occasion like a visit to a relative’s house or Vidya a press conference meet.

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12. Cream and Black Saree:

Once again we see Vidya in those lethal combos, the black and gold and therefore once again we see how beautiful she looks. The saree is originally crafted in black with gold embellishments all over the place while the softer side of the two colours, the nude gold forms the base of the saree.

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13. Broder Designed Plain Saree:

Just like the tricolours in the Indian flag, the borderline to Vidya’s saree in georgette sports, the best of the three colours in a floral motif pattern. Surrounding it running along the border is the golden lining and then, of course, the white saree.

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14. Pink Partywear Saree:

Once again Vidya manages to pull off this heavily jewelled glittering designer piece. The glimmering sequined borderline heavily endorses the saree in magenta pink. Vidya carried this outfit with much grace by the way she draped the saree. Her neat fitted blouse takes her to look to the next level!

Vidya Balan Saree Styling Tips:

You can take some cues from your favourite actress, by following these expert style tips:

  • Vidya’s secret style mantra is to keep it simple and beautiful!
  • She doesn’t believe in heavy accessories. Instead, a statement neckpiece or earrings are preferred.
  • Her bright, bold red Bindi is a staple with all her looks. Don’t forget that!
  • Vidya also loves to carry matching clutches and purses with her sarees. They add a lot to the overall appeal
  • You can go slightly bold with your blouses by opting for backless or broad necks
  • Leaving your hair open can make you look effortlessly stylish.

Vidya Balan is one of the few Indian women icons, who have revived and redefined the beauty of a saree. She has constantly vouched for Sarees even on the Global platforms and has remained a symbol of Indianness. Inspire of receiving caustic criticism for being overweight or keeping her wardrobe monotonous, Vidya has accepted it with grace but continued to be herself. If you want to let us know your favourite look fromVidya Balan latest saree photos, do write to us in the comments section!

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