Timeless Hairstyle Ideas

Timeless Hairstyle Ideas

Hair is a woman’s most precious “accessory”. Therefore, it needs special care and attention. Yet, sometimes we find it hard to decide what hairstyle to choose in order to flatter our traits. Here are some of the most appreciated hairstyles that have survived throughout time and this is why they can easily be named “timeless hairstyles”.

Pixie short

When top model Twiggy became famous around the world, millions of women started to copy her stylish pixie haircut. This is one haircut that you want to adopt if you are looking for a change. It flatters every woman regardless her age, hair type and face shape. It is a fresh and youthful haircut that even though it looks rather boyish it is sexy and feminine.

Usually, pixie is a low maintenance hairstyle. You just need to use some serum for shiny hair and separate locks. If your hair is straight, it’s the styling that counts the most and finally makes the difference. Have some hair mousse applied on the length and the ends of your hair.

Revealing your face, pixie is all about attitude as you need to be totally confident in your facial traits. If you have a square face shape, it is important that you leave your hair a little bit longer at the nape of the neck. This softens and lengthens your face.

Timeless Hairstyle Ideas Timeless Hairstyle Ideas

Retro bob

Elegant and classy, a bob is a very versatile haircut allowing variations of this style that are suitable for everyone. It became popular back in the ’20s, and since then it has been reinvented constantly without going out of style. You can create a retro bob in the easiest way ever using a curling iron. Apply some heat protecting spray through the lengths of your hair, make a neat side parting, separate hair into sections and secure each section individually using hair clips. Then, removing clips from every section at a time, make soft, luscious curls. After making each curl, secure them again close to the scalp. After finishing all hair sections you can remove hair clips and the result will be a stylish, sexy bob.

You can also use hot rollers on damp hair in order to get glamorous curls. Fix rollers into the lower sections of the hair securing them at ear level. Leave them for about 15 minutes and then remove. Apply some hairspray. Avoid too small hot rollers and add volume into your hair.

Timeless Hairstyle Ideas Timeless Hairstyle Ideas

Vintage updos

Vintage means timeless beauty and hairstyles reflecting creativity and style. Vintage hairstyles are trendy regardless any fashion and beauty rule. Vintage updos are feminine and glamorous.

For special occasions there is one simple updo accentuated by a loop that has been made popular by Grace Kelly. For extra volume, fix hot rollers into damp hair. When hair is completely dry remove rollers. You can also use the curling iron for more defined curls. Gather your hair into a ponytail and then loop and secure the updo with a hair pin.

One cannot talk about feminine hairstyles without bringing into discussion the ’40s style. Femininity was about impeccable makeup, porcelain skin, well defined eyebrows, long eyelashes and red bold lips. As for the hair, this was straight at the roots with waves through the lengths and side parting. In order to get a ’40s updo, you need bobby pins, elastics and curling iron or hot rollers. Start by making a low ponytail. Split the pony into two sections, tuck them under and secure them using bobby pins. You can leave a small front section and make a shape and pin it into place.

Timeless Hairstyle Ideas Timeless Hairstyle Ideas


The ponytail has already become a classic and it seems it will never go out of fashion. It is practical, easy to make, and regardless of what one might think, a ponytail is not childish at all. Even if it’s not a pretentious hairstyle, the pony can be sexy and feminine, and it works great on long and medium-length hair. With a pair of chandelier earrings and a long, straight pony you’ll look stylish and elegant, while with dark red lips, you’ll be sexy and sensual.

You can get a stylish pony in just a few easy steps. Brush or comb your hair and smooth a protecting serum through the lengths of dry hair. Take a hair section in front and backcomb by holding the section straight up, and insert a comb about halfway between the roots and ends, push the comb down towards the roots. Repeat the action a few times. Gather the hair into a ponytail securing it at the crown of your head. For a glamorous effect, take a small hair section and wrap it around the elastic band.

Timeless Hairstyle Ideas Timeless Hairstyle Ideas

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