Tony Braxton Reveals Lupus Diagnose

Tony Braxton Reveals Lupus Diagnose

It seems that the well known American singer Tony Braxton has been dealing with a possibly life-threatening disease. Tony Braxton revealed lupus diagnose at a lupus awareness and research luncheon, the 8th Annual bag Ladies Luncheon, and this came as a shocker. Knowing you might die is not something easy for anyone but we are surprised on Tony Braxton’s strength to make the announcement public.

Lupus is a autoimmune system disease which can affect a variety of organs and not only such as heart, lungs, kidneys, skin, blood cells and joints. There are basically 4 types of lupus: systemic, discoid, drug-induced and neonatal. The symptoms vary from individual to individual and we hope that everything will work out for the talented singer as well as everyone who suffers from this frightening disease.

Tony Braxton Reveals Lupus Diagnose Tony Braxton Reveals Lupus Diagnose

Tony Braxton Reveals Lupus Diagnose

Tony Braxton made the announcement after receiving a Women in Achievement award by saying: “Take a look, this is what lupus looks like”.

Unfortunately Tony Braxton has been diagnosed with pericarditis in 2020, an inflammation of the pericardium which is the fibrous sac which surrounds the heart. This inflammation leads to chest pain, palpitations and high blood pressure. Also in 2020 Tony Braxton suffered a surgical intervention to have a benign tumor removed from her breast. These were probably the reasons why Tony Braxton hasn’t been seen on too many concerts.

Celebrities such as Lady Gaga have expressed their sympathy for Tony Braxton; Lady Gaga was diagnosed “borderline positive” for lupus, as she has some family members suffering from this disease but Gaga is fine so far, but she needs to take really good care of her health!

We hope a cure for lupus will be discovered and that people will help donate for the research and treatment of this life threatening disease!


Tony Braxton Reveals Lupus DiagnoseLady Gaga was also tested borderline positive for lupus

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