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15 Beautiful Collection of Gold Anklet Designs with Images

Few things make a girl happier than owning her very own gold anklets and if you want to make her day, you would give her stylish gold anklets. There is nobody on this planet who doesn’t mind looking attractive and well-dressed to others around them.

This is what that exactly drives women to wear a different type of ornaments that highlight their appearance. The anklet gets the name because, of where it is worn, around the ankle. No matter where you are going and what you are wearing, if your ankles show, it is entirely appropriate to wear your anklets as well. Nowadays, there are also gold anklets available in india with different models and can also have charms attached. Indeed, an anklet will add a certain air of elegance to your formal look, especially if it is made out of gold.

Different Models of Anklets in Gold for Womens:

There are varieties of options available to choose your own unique gold anklet designs from, with the help of this article.

1. Gold-Beaded Chain Anklet:

gold anklet designs

The enticing gold beaded chain anklet featured with beads accents a fashion feel. This anklet is decorated with tiny soft blue beads with the gold ankle chain, in-between the blue beads, small gold beads are included that gives the stunning yet, classy and simple look. The texture of this anklet is suitable for any kind of events that gives a cool appearance.

2. Bell Designed Anklet Made Of Gold:


This anklet is made with gold, coral semi precious stone beads, brass bells and brass beads are woven together with a dark brown wax cord that gives the traditional look and comfort ability to wear. This is a customized design and perfect anklet for your everyday use. These anklet designs are widely used by girls and all ages of women.

3. Barefoot Anklet Design in Gold:


In modern days, Gold anklets are used to adorn feet. These are beautifully designed with small charms, beads and also a variety of symbols such as animals, flowers, and hearts can be added. Sometimes anklets are given to special friends to symbolize their friendship. These anklets are associated with gold and small black beads and it can have the model of barefoot which is mostly used for wedding ceremonies.

4. Heart Designed Anklet:


One of the major benefits of wearing gold anklet jewellery is that they really make your legs looking very sexy and good. This will allow you to feel your best by adding a spark to any outfit that you have. The heart designed anklet is made up with small heart shaped dollar at the center of the ankle that gives simple appearances.

5. Evil Eye Anklets With Charming Gold Chain:


This lovely evil eye anklet is finely crafted with a gold chain containing two layered chains. One of the chains had the blue stone and another one is studded with blue crystal evil eye beads. The evil eye is highly polished to give a shiny look. Evil eye coloured with light aqua blue gives an elegant and simple look.

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6. Gold Coin Anklets:


The gold plated anklets are so pretty and delicate one as it consists of numerous gold coins in the anklet chain. In ancient days, peoples have the hope that wearing these kinds of gold coins in their anklets will give the auspicious feel to their home. Indian gold anklets give a more traditional look when compared with another design.

7. Floral Design Gold Anklet:


Blossom designed anklet is designed with seven cherry blossoms, and it has been associated with bolded gold material that gives the simple and cutest look for your ankle. You can wear these kinds of anklet as it gives the cool appearance that is associated with thinner chain.

8. Hand-Made Gold Anklet:


Hand-made gold anklets are hand-crafted with the great craftsmanship and it contains the complex but perfect designs. A beautiful set of these handmade gold anklets is made from mixed gold materials, decorated with white stones and contains small bells. It brings balance in life, self-confidence,and good health, fortune, peace of mind to the wearing persons.

9. Gold-Turquoise Anklet:


Gold-turquoise anklet designed with gold plate and highlighted with soft blue turquoise beads has two layered chain, tiny multiple beads which give incredibility and spark. It can be a perfect match for any time at anywhere and it suits all outfits that give you a traditional and auspicious look.

10. Shell Decorated Gold Anklet:


In earlier days, shell anklets are worn as a protection from the dangers of life or as a mark of a status of rank. Nowadays, girls are more widely liking to worn these kind of shell designed anklets in their ankles as it gives the simple and prettiest look for women of all age.

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11. Initial Gold Design Anklet:


An anklet gold design is coming in various shapes, and styles for the girls and it can also be more likely worn by all age women’s. Gold anklets do look great when worn with jewels and extra charms are attached. These initial anklets can be made with thin gold chain and you can add your own initial and your loved one’s initial in your anklets.

12. Gold With Pearl Anklet:


Golden design anklets are the best way for those who pretend to show them as high class and love luxury to show it without coming off as pompous. It is a way of wearing below the knees and only a keen eye will really notice its beauty and value. These gold anklets are dyed with tiny pearls and associated with lucky charm. This handcrafted anklet will give unique look.

13. Dainty Gold Anklet:


Wearing anklets gives you the great look that can really help you looking best every day. This dainty gold anklet was decorated with small beads at the center of the anklet chain, and this dainty gold chain is a perfect match for your ankles that suits for all occasions.

14. Traditional Gold Anklet Design:


Every woman will fall in love with this kind of traditional anklets which can be worn for at the time of wedding ceremonies and other functions. This is absolute gorgeous handcrafted with gold material and is sure to astonish a bride who is looking ahead for that special “wow” accessory for her wedding. It gives a traditional and unique look from other designs.

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15. Gold With Jade Design:


This golden anklet made from jade gravel with high-quality transparent line and jades use to give the gorgeous look to the anklets. In between the beads, small flowers are included to give modern look for the anklets. If you’re searching for a modern and an elegant anklet, going with this gold  jade anklet will be a perfect choice that matches your taste.

Nowadays, various designs of gold anklets are being offered that suits all your outfits ranging from casual to formal, to match a person’s attire. Close by there are different ways on how to wear an ankle. Wearing a gold anklet is not an offensive one, but instead, adds more beauty to one’s originality and fashion. Some women would wear simple gold anklets at their workplace and bigger anklets for casual, everyday use or for special moments. With this modern and cultured gold anklet designs which will definitely give you the best idea for your own ankles.

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