15 Creative Designs for Making Handmade Bangles at Home

15 Creative Designs for Making Handmade Bangles at Home

Bangles are traditional jewellery worn in hands. They are worn all most all over the world. They are circular and very classy. In India, it is tradition to make the bride wear bangles. It is considered as inauspicious for married women to be bare hand.

There are many styles of bangles. They are made from different materials like, gold, silver, glass, and plastic. It is said to wear contrast colour of bangles. Handmade bangles have more popularity in young girls. You will find from traditional to casual varieties in these types of bangle, for every style you will get good one as per your choice.

Making Bangles by Hand at Home:

Here are few types of handmade bangles. This will help you select which ones to wear according to the occasion and attire.

1. Handmade Thread Bangles:

handmade bangles

Handmade thread bangles are made by wrapping thread around the bangle. Usually silk thread is used. It is given multi-color look by using many threads. This wrapping is done very skillfully. It is a quite hit amongst college going girls as it looks a very casual. You can make them in house. Many schools give it as project to kids. It is a very creative option to keep kids busy.

2. Handmade Ghungroo Bangles:

Handmade Ghungroo Bangles

Ghungroo are round balls which make pleasant sound.They are tied onto the bangles. This makes pleasant sound whenever you move hand. They are very pleasant and traditional looking. Many girls wear it with jeans to give indo-western look. They are very simple to look yet the sound makes it very attractive

3. Handmade Beaded Bangles:

Beaded Handmade Bangles

Beaded Handmade bangles have beads stuck on them. Mostly they are stuck with glue or weaved in. This gives a famine look. Also the shine in them adds little glamour. They are worn with traditional Indian clothing. They make you look very stylish.

4. Handmade Cloth Bangles:

Cloth Handmade Bangles

Just the way thread is wrapped on to the bangle, cloth cut in strings to wrap. Sometimes they are stitched on the bangles. This gives a traditional cool look. When you wear it, you must avoid putting your hands in water. This style is perfect for summers. They are pleasant on skin.

5. Paper Handmade Bangles:

Paper Handmade Bangles

Paper Handmade bangles are wrapped in paper string. This wrapping is done with different styles of origami. Different colour and shades are used to make it. It is worn with kurta and jeans. You may want to use pleasant smelling glue when you are making this type of bangle.

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6. Crochet Handmade Bangles:

Crochet Handmade Bangles

Crochet Handmade bangles have crochet work done. This is an elegant choice of work. Sometimes they have beads attached. Many floral and detailed designs are made. Normally these bangles are worn with Indian clothes but you may wear it with jeans as they just so smart.

7. Laced Bangles Handmade:

Laced Handmade Bangles

Laced Handmade bangles have laces tied around. This is a simple and elegant style. You can wear it with dresses. This is a famine style. It is advised to not let them as the lace can get cramped up.

8. Crystal Handmade Bangles:

Crystal Handmade Bangles

Crystal Handmade bangles have crystals in them. This style is to please the younger generation. It also appeals to women who want to add glam to their look. This type of bangles is also customized with crystals according to the zodiac sign.

9. Weaved Hand Made Bangles:

Weaved Handmade Bangles

Weaved Handmade bangles are weaved with thick strings. They are a bit casual. Many times it is worn with western outfits. It is not very famine. It can be worn by men also. Sometimes this style is made with leather.

10. Stoned Handmade Bangles:

Stoned Handmade Bangles

Stoned Handmade bangles are a very old style;Hyderabad and Rajasthani are few styles. They have stones engraved in the bangles. Many times bangles with thread have stones tied in them. This style can be worn in wedding. It comes in heavy style too.

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11. Handmade Charm Bangles:

Handmade Charm Bangles

Handmade charm bangles are similar to charm bracelet. They have small pendant type charms hanging throughout. It can be one or many. It is a very cool style. You can wear it to college. It is a very flirty style.

12. Leather Handmade Bangles:

Leather Handmade Bangles

Men are no longer very tough. A new trend of metro-sexual men have some in. they like to accessories with bracelet. It can be metallic or leather. Leather handmade bangles are one option. They can be either weaved or wrapped. There are many designs in leather handmade bangles. Girls wear it to give a rough look.

13. Mirror work Handmade Bangles:

Mirror work Handmade Bangles

Mirror is very old item used to accessories anything. They are added to bangles to give a shine. This style is used to add glamour to any wedding outfit. You must be careful when you wear it as it cut your finger.

14. Multi-Coloured Handmade Bangles:

Multi-Coloured Handmade Bangles

Any outfit is boring without colour. Colours add life to your look. It is always advised to wear contrasting bangles. Multi-coloured handmade bangles are here for it. They are made with multicolored threads. An ideal style with these bangles will be white salwar kameez and plain bandhani dupatta.

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15. Zardosi Work Handmade Bangles:

Zardosi Work Handmade Bangles

All want to wear exclusive things for any function. Zardosi is old work done with metallic thread. This work is done on bangles. These designs are mostly customized to the outfits. Also they are super cool. It is a special kind of work done by skilled craftsmen especially on small space like bangle.

Anything that is made handmade has its own specialty. Handmade bangles are special style of bangles. They are very different from regular gold and silver bangles. They can be made in home and by your own self. This style is available outside in shops too. You can wear them without thinking much.

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