15 Latest Indian Glass Bangles Collection

Jewelry, ornaments are one of the most important accessories which can complete a woman’s clothing. It is very true that no conventional outfit incomplete without bangles. Bangles play an important role in festivals, marriages or in special occasions. One can find a wide variety of bangles like glass bangles, plastic bangles, metal bangles, stone and beads bangles, etc. But glass bangles are mostly preferred by the women’s especially when it comes to a new bride these bangles becomes a must have accessory.

Indian Designer Glass Bangles:

Let’s check out a list of top 15 trendy glass bangles designs those are running with fashion:

1. Plain Glass Bangles:


Plain glass bangles are most widely used by the woman because of its sober and classy looks. You can find a wide variety of colors and styles of the plain glass bangles. And the best thing about this type of bangles is that you can match them with the color of your clothes and can make your own style statement.

2. Stone Studded Glass Bangles:


Stone studded glass bangles can bring a charm in your personality. These kinds of bangles, especially work with the traditional dresses. Stones can be found in the in the different colors. Pairing these bangles with the other plain bangles can show your unique sense of styling.

3. Red Glass Bangles:

glass bangles

Red glass bangles are an important part of Indian glass bangles. We can see that, these types of bangles are mostly worn by the newly married women’s. Wear these stunning red bangles in your hand and show your rich taste for the accessories.

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4. Bridal Glass Bangles:


When we talk about the bridal bangles the only thing first comes in our mind is “chura”. But we can get large variety of Indian glass bangles for bridals too. You can find the designer and stylish bridal glass bangles inchura styles as well. These beautiful glass bangles can make your wedding day memorable forever.

5. Designer Glass Bangles:


Designer glass bangles are in big demand due to their high class and traditional looks. These kinds of bangles are teamed up with the crystals, pearls or other stone as gems. Woman’s preferred to wear these bangles on any special occasion like weddings or any family functions. Such bangles works best with the traditional outfits.

6. China Glass Bangles:


China glass bangles are very popular among the young girls. Mostly these are wider than the other normal bangles and come with a high glossy look. The china glass bangles works best with the casual attires. So, if you are going out for a traveling, wear one or two pieces of these bangles and it will enough to give you look of a diva.

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7. Glass Bangle-Bracelet Style:


If you loves to wear the bracelet around your wrist, but along with also want to have the look of bangles as well then this type of bangles are made for you. You can find a large variety of designs and style in this category. Some of them are studded with crystal or zircon stones which can enhance your personality in front of the people around you.

8. Jhumka Glass Bangles:


One of the most widely required bangles is jhumka Glass bangles as they can complete your Clothing for a special occasion. This unique and effective, stylish bangle can increase an instant glamour in your makeover. Get these jhumka bangles and let your hands fall in love with them.

9. Murano Glass Bangles:


Murano glass bangles are one of the best fashion accessories. If you are a lover of fashion jewelry than this one will work for you the best. One can find a wide variety of latest glass bangles designs and shapes of this category, so get any one of the Murano glass bangles designs as per your needs, and you will be ready to flaunt a new style in your looks.

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10. Twisted Glass Bangles:


Twisted glass bangles are another part of the latest glass bangles design. Such bangles are most widely used by the young girls and teenagers. These can be found in plain glass or printed glass. Printed ones look more attractive and give you a look of a today’s modern woman.

11. Pearl Studded Glass Bangles:


If you want to show your liking for the rich and classy jewelry, ornaments, then these pearl studded glass bangles can well satisfy you. You can wear these bangles on special events or on special festivals. You can also pair them with other bangles or can wear them alone. No matter how your wear them, they will definitely make you’re an eye catching personality.

12. Multi Colored Glass Bangles:


Multi colored glass bangles are those kinds of bangles that never goes out of style. These bangles can actually get paired with all your outfits. Wearing these charming rainbow bangles are enough to give you a smart and elegant look. Once you will get these bangles, there is no need to waste your time to do the matching of bangles with your dress colors.

13. White Glass Bangles:


White glass bangles can be worn by the woman of any age group. The highly finished glass bangles in white color will give you your own unique style statement. Beautifully designed with red and green crystals, these bangles can be worn on a festive occasion. The white glass bangles are perfect to revamp to your jewelry collection.

14. Golden Glass Bangles:


Golden glass bangles are one of the most common accessories used by the women’s. The best part about these bangles is that they work with all kinds or attire whether it is casual or a party. Adding few colorful bangles with them can bring a bling in your overall look.

15. Printed Glass Bangles:


Printed Glass Bangles are a signature of a fashion. Printed glass can be worn with all kinds of outfits. This single bangle can be worn with shirts and tunics, and if you are wearing saree or any conventional outfit then can wear 2 or more bangles in each hand.

There is no doubt that the woman loves the jewelry and the fashion accessories, and the bangles are one of them, which is used to decorate the wrist of a woman. But it is much more than the simple accessory which improves the beauty of a woman’s wrist. Glass bangles have their own place and are capable to give you an elegant touch in your looks. The glass bangles are available in numerous amazing and adorable designs. Accessorizing yourself by glass bangles can make you bold and fashionably adventurous to get the different look and will help you to pop up your whole attire.