25 Best Hand Luggage Travel Bags in Different Sizes and Colors

25 Best Hand Luggage Travel Bags in Different Sizes and Colors

Luggage bags are the bags which is in the form of suitcase or trunks on which you can keep your personal belonging while travelling. The luggage bag is found in various shapes, sizes and colour and you can pick the one according to your own choice and needs. The luggage helps you to keep all your belongings intact in one place and ensure a hassle-free journey. Stylish and fashionable luggage bags changes the look and persona of a person when carried.

Best Hand Luggage Travel Bags in Different Sizes and Colors

Latest and Popular Bags for Luggage in Small and Large:

Let’s have a look at the top 25 types of Luggage bag designs for men and women:

1. Designer Cabin Luggage Bag:

Designer Luggage Bag -1

Now people are demanding luggage bags which are designed by designers as appears exclusive and are made from the finest materials. The luggage bag has neat and smooth corners and the colour combination of light and dark brown is awesome to look at. The golden zip all around the bag add a more classy look to the bag and it has rolling wheels with extendable handle making it easy to carry while travelling.

2. Sparking White Luggage Bags with Wheels:

Sparking white Luggage Bag -2

Anything white in colour looks attractive and pleasant. The same goes with this sizzling white luggage bag as it looks very impressive when carried. The corner of the bag has beautiful black patches and making the bag look more sensational. The bag has extendable handles on the top allowing you to pull the luggage in an upright position. The luggage becomes easier to carry and pull wherever you go.

3. Stylish Suitcase Type Luggage Bags for Girls:

Stylish Suitcase Type Luggage Bags for Girls -3

The bag is designed in the suitcase pattern and has a very neat and smooth finish at every corner. The bag has a beautiful butterfly printed on the bag thus making it ideal for young girls to carry. The bag has bid compartment inside for storing and stylish grey colour handle and roller wheels for pulling the bag in a smooth manner.

4. Trolley Fabric Luggage Bag:

Fabric Luggage Bag -4

Now a day’s fabric luggage bags are very much in demand and appreciated by both men and women as its very light in weight and can be easily carried anywhere, and it’s very easy to maintain also. The luggage bag is found in many sizes ranging from big to small and has good internal space and bulky external pockets available for packing. The bag has roller wheels and strong trendy handles for pulling the bag and making the travel easy and hassle-free.

5. Waterproof Luggage Bag:

Waterproof Luggage Bag -5

While travelling if water or any kind of juice spills on your bag, don’t worry your bag is safe from any kind of damage’s As the name suggests the luggage bag is made of material on which there is no effect of water, its waterproof. The bag has a broad cabin wherein you can store the luggage and the front pocket also. For the handle, the bag has a separate cabin which can be folded and put inside the chamber.

6. Dust Proof Luggage Proof:

Dustproof Luggage Proof -6

Dustproof trolley bag means that the bag has a plastic cover coated on the bag which doesn’t allow the dust to settle on the bag while travelling, thus making your bag look neat and tidy. This type of bag is very handy as easy to maintain as it doesn’t allow any dust to assemble.  The bag is available in various designs and pattern and you can pick the one according to choice and comfort.

7. Stunning Orange and Blue Luggage Bag for Teenagers.

Stunning Orange and Blue Luggage Bag for Teenagers -7

Here comes a perfect bag for teenagers as they love to carry a bag which looks stunning and gives them a cool look when carried. So this kind of orange with blue patches at the edges gives a smart look when carried.

8. Paris City Luggage Bags in Large Size:

Paris City Luggage Bag -8

The bag has the Paris city printed on the top thus giving the bag an exclusive look. The bags are available in various colour and sizes and you can handpick the one according to your travel plans. The bag has a roller wheel with a comfortable handle for pulling the bag.

9. Rainbow Luggage Bag with Wheels:

Rainbow Luggage Bag with Wheels -9

Some girls like to own a luggage bag which is colourful, so what can be more colourful than a rainbow? It’s available in different sizes and shapes and you can pick the one according to your need. The bag is small in size and is the effect if you planning for a small trip. These bags look simple but appear elegant when carried to any place to make you appear fashionable and stylish.

10. Hard Surface Luggage Bag:

Hard Surface Luggage Bag -10

These types of luggage bags are ideal if you are travelling on a long trip. The bags are pretty durable as it can withstand water, tear and abrasion-resistant also unlike the soft materials bags. These types of bags are very easy to handle and carry as it has a wheel at the bottom. The bag has ample space to store the articles and belongings required by travelling.

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11. Pink Luggage Bags for Girls:

Pink Luggage Bag for Girls -11

Now day’s young girls prefer to have a different type of luggage bag while travelling. These types of pink luggage bags are ideal for them as it looks s attractive and very appealing to the eyes. On the bag, stylish prints are embossed and the bags are available in many different colours also.

12. Pure Leather Luggage Bag:

Pure Leather Luggage Bag -12

Leather luggage bags are very commonly used and very much in demand as they can be easily handled and require no maintenance. The leather bag looks classy and royal look and the bag has a neat and smooth look all around. The metallic finish latch in the centre gives the bag a sensational appearance. The bag has enough room for storage and is a good choice for you to carry the bag if you plan a travel.

13. Light Weight Travel Luggage Bags:

Light Weight Luggage Bag -13

This bag is made from very light material and is termed as light-weighted luggage bag and is generally made of polyester material. The bag has enough space inside for storing the luggage and a small pocket at the top.  It has smart adjustable handles and wheels making it easier to carry the bag from one place to another.

14. Paddy Wheel Luggage Bag:

Paddy Luggage Bag -14

This type of bags is small in size but is very comfortable to carry. The bag is padded from all the corners thus safeguarding the articles. The bag has a small compartment wherein you can keep your laptop also.  The bags are available in various sizes and colour and you can pick the one according to your choice.

15. Weekend Strips Small Luggage Bag:

Weekend Strips Luggage Bag -15

Some women or girls need to travel for a short weekend trip for business purpose or a leisure trip. Then this thin colourful strips luggage bag is perfect for them. The bag has enough compartments for storage and has a long expandable handle for pulling the bag.

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16. Printed Luggage Bags for Young Girls:

Heart Luggage Bag for Young Girls -16

As young girls prefer bags which are different and stylish to look at and make them appear exclusive from others. So, this kind of digital print heart-shaped luggage bags is ideal for them. The bag looks very impressive when carried and has stylish silver handles for pulling the bag.

17. High-Quality Oval Shape Luggage Bags in Leather:

High quality Oval Shape Luggage Bag -17

The bag has multi compartments and is designed in an oval shape. The bag is made from high-quality faux leather and looks very trendy when carried. It has side pockets even wherein you can keep the mobile and a padded room wherein a laptop can be kept. The luggage bag high-quality rolling wheels and trendy handle for pulling the bag.

18. Best Hand Luggage Bags:

Hand Luggage bags -18

As the name describes this luggage bad is carried by hands. They are small in nature and made from very light materials. The bag has multiple cabinets so that you can keep your articles and has strong zips all around for the interlocking purpose. It has strong padded handles so that it can be easily carried without hurting your hands.

19. Luggage Bags for Kids:

Luggae Bag for Kids -19

Kids love to carry the luggage bag which reflects the picture of their favourite toy that’s hello kitty. These kids luggage bags are designed with light material and have compression straps in the main compartment for safety. The bags are available in different shapes and sizes and kids can opt the one according to their wish and it looks very different and cute when carried by them.

20. 16inch Broad Luggage Bag:

16 inch Broad Luggage Bag -20

The bag is 16 inch in size and unlike the normal luggage bag, it’s designed broader in shape. The bag has the feature of expansion whenever required. It has the name tag hence ensuring the bag doesn’t get mix with others bag while you are travelling. The bag looks very trendy and smart carried and has smooth wheels and broad handle making easier to carry the bag.

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21. Easy Carry Small Luggage Bags:

Small Luggage Bag -21

This type of luggage bags are very convenient to carry and are perfect for travelling a small few days. The bag has a safety strap so that the things inside the bag intact and doesn’t move while you are on the move. It has handles and rotating wheels at the bottom thus making it easier to carry.

22. Expandable Luggage Bags for Long Travel:

Expandable Luggage bag -22

As the name suggests the bag can be expanded according to your needs and requirement, you can adjust the size of the bag according to your needs. The bag has enough broad compartments with pockets in the front for storage. The colour combination of brown and black make the bag look awesome when carried during travel.

23. Branded Luggage Bags for Girls:

Branded Luggage Bags for girls -23

Some girls are brand conscious and love to have their luggage bags even to be branded. So this type of branded luggage bags is perfect for them as many big brands are making handbags for girls or women’s. Branded luggage bags look very appealing to eyes as the user is of high quality and the design and shape of the luggage bags are mind-blowing leaving other speechless. It makes you look stunning and different in the crowd.

24. Cute Cheetah Print Luggage Suitcase:

Cute Cheetah Print Luggage Suitcase -24

Here comes a very stylish and fashionable looking bag. The bag has the print of cheetah and looks very gorgeous when carried. The bag has stylish and smooth wheels and has extendable handles on the top allowing you to pull the luggage in an upright position. The luggage becomes easier to carry and pull wherever you go. These bags are available in various sizes and shapes and you can choose the one according to your usage and travel plans.

25. Pink Patchwork Luggage Bag:

Pink Patch work Luggage Bag -25

Here comes a very stylish and smart looking luggage bag. The bag has the patchwork design all over the bag and the colour combination looks awesome.  It has strong zip for interlocking and the small hangings at the edge of the bag make the bag look stylish and fashionable.  The bag has two wheels and strong handles attached which helps to pull the bag easily.

Planning for a trip, then fetch a luggage bag according to your trip so that you don’t get hassle while travelling. Luggage bag must be one which suits to your trip and can be easily carried anywhere you desire without the fear of anything going wrong. Luggage bags are available in wide range and varieties and you should handpick the one which suits your necessities, durable and have all the features you require in your bag.