25 Simple and Beautiful Diamond Necklace Designs

Diamond equalises happiness for a woman. Identified by the 4 C’s namely, cut, clarity, certification and carat, diamonds are no doubt precious stones. Diamonds no doubt are a woman’s best friend. Diamonds are those sparkling white stones with brilliance and lustre for any time wear and for any occasion.


Diamond jewellery pieces are must have in a woman’s jewellery collection. There are lots of teaming and buying options while experimenting with diamonds. Ranging from solitaires to millions of stones, diamond jewellery has a plethora of options. Diamonds have an earned particular value and are no doubt classy. So a woman wearing diamonds speaks for herself. The price can range from few thousands and can run into lakhs and crores.

Different Types of Latest Real Diamond Necklace Designs:

Pairing diamonds and gold have given few masterpieces when it comes to jewellery. Here we will have a look into the top 25 diamond necklace designs.

1. Simple Diamond Necklaces for Women:


The elegance and beauty of diamonds can be perfectly captured in a simple necklace. The diamond necklace need not be very elaborately designed but can be beautiful yet simple at the same time. It can just be of a simple pattern like a petal, alphabet, stars, flowers, any abstract design etc. The chain can be bit thick for the necklace which will make the pattern stand out with a nice fall on the neck.

2. Heavy Expensive Diamond Necklaces:


As the name suggests, these diamond necklace designs are pretty much on the expensive side. They are heavily done and studded with high quality costly diamonds. They also have a brand value as generally these heavy necklace sets belong to international brands. Due to the branding, the quality of the diamonds is top notch and the brilliance is evident just by looking at the diamond necklace set itself.

3. Light Weight Diamond Necklace Sets:


Light weight Diamond jewellery set usually includes a simple diamond necklace and the matching pair of earrings. The light weight diamond necklaces are just perfect jewellery ensemble for simple functions, pre wedding functions, office functions, etc. The diamond pendant, gold chain and earrings need not be very heavy. They are delicate in feel and hence light in weight.

4. Kundan Diamond Necklace Design with Pearls:


Kundan is very popular and an important jewellery in necklace designs for weddings and other traditional occasions. Kundan diamonds necklaces in silver or gold base look beautiful for any occasion. The rich Kundan work gets elegantly captured in these necklaces with pearls added for royal look in them. Kundan with diamonds and pearls, fit for a queen truly!

5. Ruby Kundan Diamond Fusion Necklace Set:


Wow is the word. One look at the necklace and one is sure to go speechless. Rubies, kundan and diamonds all fused into one amazing fusion designer necklace set with the earrings. Amazing it is. Expensive rubies are carefully placed in the midst of thousands of sparkling diamonds and the fusion done is an abstract layer with Kundan. The fusion is beautifully done in the necklace and the earrings in this case.

6. Diamond and Ruby Necklaces for Bridal:


The perfect gift to a bride for her wedding or for any other important function in her wedding can be these drop dead gorgeously made diamond and ruby necklaces with heavy matching earrings. They are one of those looks flaunted by many celebrities too for any red carpet events. The floral and leaf patterns in these diamond necklace designs really stand out.

7. Designer Peacock Diamond Necklaces:


Peacock, the national bird of India, symbol of pride and beauty is exclusively used in jewellery these days. Part of heavy worked, layered and bridal jewellery, peacock designs are stunningly beautiful with diamonds and other expensive stone work. These peacock designed diamond necklaces are royal and exude class. The royal colours of peacock perfectly blend with the shiny diamonds to highlight the necklace with that grace and charm.

8. Diamond Choker Necklaces:


One of the most expensive and grand diamond jewellery is Choker necklaces. Choker style diamond necklaces and jewellery are grand and look brilliantly stunning on anyone wearing this jewellery. Expensive and made of layers and designs of diamonds, these chokers look beautiful with traditional wear and are apt bridal wear. These necklaces are made of layers of millions of diamonds in a unique style. The set has a heavy choker in the first row with layers of diamond necklaces attached to the diamond choker.

9. Layered Diamond Necklaces with South Sea Pearls:


Layered necklaces or step necklaces are very much in fashion these days with everybody flaunting layered chains and step necklaces. These necklaces look grand and royal when teamed with different designs. These layered necklaces with south sea pearls are perfect for traditional functions and family occasions. They can have expensive stone work apart from expensive diamonds and south sea pearls.

10. Uncut Diamond Necklace Designs:


Uncut diamonds also known as rough or raw diamonds are the latest entrant in terms of diamond jewellery and diamond necklaces. After the mining of diamonds, uncut diamonds with high value and quality are sent to be cut and made into fine and exclusive designer jewellery pieces. Uncut diamond necklaces with beautiful uncut diamonds in perfect finish and patterns are perfect bridal wear and many Indian brides are flaunting this look with beauty.

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11. Antique South Indian Diamond Necklaces:


Gold is an evergreen metal which is extremely popular since times of kings and queens. Kings and queens of those days wore necklaces and other jewellery made of pure gold. Hence antique necklaces were crafted in pure gold and the manner in which they were crafted was just mind blowing. Similarly in olden times precious stones and semi-precious stones were used a lot while making jewellery which in today’s times have a great antique value and are very expensive. These types of antique gold and diamond necklaces can be worn in weddings or on any auspicious occasion making you look like an ethereal beauty and a true Goddess.

12. Vintage Diamond Necklace:


Vintage jewellery is bit older than fifty odd years compared to antique which are quite over a century old, and vintage necklaces are considered to still be recent enough to be in style even if it is a bit outdated. With the right classic outfits, vintage diamond necklaces can make definite throwback fashion statements or add a classy feel to a more contemporary look to a woman. They look classy yet have that vintage like feel.

13. Diamond Necklace with Temple Designs:


Gold temple design jewellery from South India is unique and strikingly different from other designs of gold jewellery designs. These diamond necklace designs can be inspired with the ancient temple work and are the necklaces worn by ancestral people having images of Gods and Goddesses. These necklaces have precious stones and expensive diamonds with pure gold temple design finishes.

The cuts, designs, make and patterns are very distinct and spectacular and one gets awe struck with one look at the diamond necklace. The quality of gold and the diamonds used, the shine, lustre and the make of the design and jewellery are just marvellous. Wear these for that gorgeous yet ethnic look.

14. Ancient Diamond Necklace:


Ancient are those jewellery pieces which are more than a century old. Hence these ancient diamond necklaces have a great monetary value as well as emotional value attached to it. These ancient necklace designs are beautiful and have a different shine and lustre to them. They look amazing and are just pretty to wear.

15. Jadau Diamond Necklaces:


The most important jewellery in any Indian bridal wear are Kundan and Jadau work. Jadau is expensive and highly crafted handmade jewellery originated in Northern India. Jadau is jewellery work found way back from Mughal era and found in states of Rajasthan and Gujarat known for their princes and kingdoms. These jadau diamond necklaces have perfectly precision cut expensive diamonds made into a stunning necklace.

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16. Blue Diamond Heart Necklaces:


Famous in the movie Titanic, sported by the famous actress is this blue diamond heart necklace. A huge, brilliant blue diamond as the pendant with lots of sparkling diamonds in the necklace, this set just looks fit for royalty. Really true blue and hence the feel of a queen!!

17. Pink Sapphire Diamond Necklaces:


Pink is a colour loved by women all over. Pink sapphires when surrounded by shiny diamonds look amazingly beautiful on a necklace. They look really classy for the brilliance of pink sapphires and the diamonds. They are basically for that really high class people and are sported by woman in page three parties and fashion magazines. Pink sapphires are known for honesty and nobility.

18. Fantastic Red Diamond Necklaces:


The most valuable of all diamonds, red diamonds are rare and very scarcely available. It is said that only 30 natural red diamonds exist in the world. So imagine the value of these red diamonds. The symbolic meaning of a red diamond is strength and confidence. These red diamond necklaces are just amazing in the way they are done with rarest diamonds of all.

19. Diamond Chokers in Pure Gold:


Wow! Brilliance of gold and the shine of diamonds combined into one single diamond choker. Splendid is the ultimate word. The sparking million diamonds placed strategically and crafted in a perfect gold necklace for that diva look. Diamond chokers or star patterns perfectly planted in 22 carat gold gives that perfect choker.

20. Classic Emerald and Diamond Necklace Design:


Can emerald be left behind when it comes to stones sparkling green with bright diamonds and gold in a necklace? Emerald radiates class and royalty with that royal bright green coloured stones. They are best teamed up for an evening party with flowing gowns or are perfect for bridal wear. These emerald and diamond necklace glows and gives that glow and blush to the woman wearing these.

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21. Polki Necklace Diamond:


Polki are basically uncut or rough diamonds after mining used exclusively for Indian bridal jewellery. Polki diamond jewellery is rich with craftsmanship and is heavy; hence perfect for that grand look for a bride on her wedding day. Polki jewellery has that raw look in them and hence the necklaces with pure gold and diamonds are on the expensive side. Polki has a unique finish to the diamonds hence have a different look and appearance too.

22. Yellow Diamond Necklace:


Yellow diamonds are the most commonly found of all fancy colours for diamond jewellery next to white and yellow diamonds are used to create few masterpieces in jewellery. A yellow diamond represents hope, happiness and is the colour of friendship. Yellow is a colour suited for all skin types and these necklaces can be carried off by every woman easily.

23. Abstract Diamond Necklace Design:


Really different in looks and shine, are these abstract diamond designs. These are perfect for western wear and evening wear. Made of many diamonds, these look beautiful with any monochrome dresses, solid gowns etc.

24. Seven Stone Necklace Diamond:


Classic looking seven stone diamonds are very popular in diamond jewellery making. These also have matching set of seven stone earrings. They are very simple yet beautiful to the core and look stunning on any simple attire too.

25. Solitaire Diamond Jewellery Necklace:


Solitaires are beautiful diamonds as one big single stone, known as rock too. These solitaires are expensive and used in engagement rings and these solitaire necklaces look beautiful and heavenly. Single big diamonds studded in an amazing pattern to form a necklace is the beauty of the necklace.

Diamonds are precious of all stones which are for generation keeps and can be handed over to generation in line. Experimenting with diamond jewellery and necklaces, make diamonds the most preferred for jewellery. Investing in diamonds is like investing money in those which has an appreciated value always.  The emotional value attached to diamond jewellery is high compared to others. The top diamond necklace designs are just a small bit from the Pandora’s Box of diamond jewellery collections. Explore the options and flaunt those which are according to your choice the best!