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9 Amazing Best Friend Lockets Design Ideas

Lockets are pieces of art that defines style. A locket given by someone is very special. There are many types of lockets that you can gift to someone. When a friend becomes like a sibling it is known as Best Friend. In present time, having best friends is a matter of luck.

With best friend one can share anything which we cannot share with our parents. And to express your feelings for your best friends, such lockets are created. Best friend lockets are available to gift it to your best buddy.

Stylish Best Friend Lockets:

Let’s find here with mentioned best friend lockets which can give you an idea to give a gift to your best friend.

1. Friends Bird Locket:

Friends Bird Locket

This locket for a best friend is simply amazing. On both lockets there is a design of beautiful birds hanging on a beaded chain. On one locket “best” is written and on the other locket “friends” is written. There is a zigzag design on the locket.

2. Key Puzzle Best Friend’s Locket:

Key Puzzle Best Friend’s Locket

It is unique design friendship locket having one locket as heart shape and another as key shape. On heart shape locket, there is a side cut where this other key locket will get fixed. It indicates that key opens the lock of heart.

3. Best Friends Owl Necklace:

Best Friends Owl Necklace

It is cute owl design locket for friends in dual colour. Both owl lockets are tiny and pretty. This locket will look gorgeous on the neck. This owl is having a small heart design over it. It is also having small eyes and long ears. All this makes this locket awesome.

4. Matching BFF Locke:

Matching BFF Locke
Both this lockets are matching in circular shape. There is a bow over round best friend’s lockets. On locket there is a glass displaying the best friend’s words. The glass portion is covered with floral design which is looking enchanting.

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5. Pizza Piece Shape Best Friends Locket:

Pizza Piece Shape Best Friends Locke

This best friend’s locket necklace is containing a rare design. The locket is having pendant of pizza piece design. With both these pizza piece pendant there is a fine piece of note written as ‘friends’. You can gift this to your friend who loves Pizza.

6. Half Heart Best Friend Lockets:

Half Heart Best Friends Lockets
It is a half heart friendship locket with a space inside. The space is given to insert small size photos of your best friend. With this locket, even one alphabet is hanging. You can hang initial of your friend’s name with this half heart locket.

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7. Sea Turtle Friend Lockets:

Sea Turtle Friends Lockets

This is sea world friend’s locket having a sea turtle shape pendant. This red and blue colour turtles are looking sweet. It is defining as BFF with this turtle locket which means the locket is meant for your best friend. It is looking delightful.

8. Biscuit & Coffee Pattern Locket:

Biscuit & Coffee Pattern Locket
This locket for best friends is denoting pendant of fast food. The biscuit design pendant is specified as ‘BEST’ and coffee design pendant is specified as ‘FRIENDS’. This pendant is a creativity of intelligent minds. It is looking attractive.

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9. Best Friend Ring Locket:

Best Friend Ring Locket

This friendship locket is having ring pendant. On both these chains, one ring is hanging and ‘friends forever’ is written over it. There is a gold ring with black colour words on it. This is a common best friend’s locket.

Celebrate each day of your life with your best friend and gift them such one locket. Gifting such locket will make your best friend feel special. It will create some special place in their heart. This will make your bond stronger.

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