9 Attractive Button Earrings in Latest Designs

Button earrings are very classic and elegant. They cover the earlobe and make the face look fuller. The earrings are made with the classic button shapes or also simple round domes that look like buttons. Select a charming pair of earrings from this list to enhance your style.

Beautiful Button Earrings in Different Designs:

Here look at our top 9 Button Earrings with images. Choose a perfect pair of earrings for that fashionable look.

1. Button Dangler Earrings:

Button earrings

Get this funky pair of button earrings that is a dangler with various bright colors of buttons. The buttons are joined together with metal or silver loops and look like a bunch of grapes. The colors used here are black, white and pink. These are colors that go well with most of the clothes that young girls wear.

2. Fabric Button Earrings:

Fabric Button earrings

Fabric is also used extensively to make earrings. Here the wonderful earrings are made with fine cross stitch fabric. The design used here is of the cactus plant. These are really cute pairs of earrings that are funky and suitable for kids or young girls.

3. Button Stud Earrings:

Button stud earrings

Stud earrings are the most common earrings to be worn on a daily basis. The earrings have a single button and look very simple yet funky. Select these in various colors to match your outfits and go crazy with your choice. The button stud earrings are a good buy option as they are cool and chic.

4. Pearl Button Earrings:

Pearl button earrings

This gorgeous pearl button earring is to die for. The large pearl that is set in the earring makes it a stunning piece. It is a pair of earrings that will go on any outfit. It is perfect for occasion wear and looks stunning even for a wedding gown.

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5. Two Button Dangler Earrings:

Two button dangler earrings

Choose these red button danglers with a contrast white button front for a stunning look. The earrings have a vintage look and the loops used to join the buttons also have tiny beads. These make the earrings even more attractive. The color red is quite shining and bright and the white complements it well.

6. Black Pearl Button Earrings:

Black pearl button earrings

Black button earrings are cool additions to your wardrobe as they look great on your ears. These dramatic earrings are simple yet eye catching. Black pearls are large in size and they cover the ears well. They fill the face and make you look stunning.

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7. White Rose Button Earring:

White rose button earring

This cute rose white button earring is pretty as a rose! Select this for its simple yet elegant style. The rose shape has intricate petal details and is pure white in color. Get this earring to go for any of your outfits, either casual wear or formal.

8. Silver Button Earrings:

Silver button earrings

Tiny silver button earrings are perfect complements to your fashion wear. These cute and dainty button earrings are made in silver and have the standard shape and four holes of a common button. The silver button earrings are small in size but the shine of the silver metal is quite brilliant.

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9. Large Retro Earrings:

Large retro earrings

The 60s and 70s were the times when large was impressive. This retro style large button earring in bright pink is just what the era symbolized. The pink color is vibrant and stands out. Select this for a very funky look that pairs well with tees and blouses.

Button earrings made in gold, silver or even brightly colored plastic like reds, blues, blacks, etc are the most sought after earring styles. They are tiny button sizes but pack a lot of punch in terms of style. The fabric earrings also have a charm of their own. Choose a perfect pair of earrings for that fashionable look.