9 Beautiful 4 Gram Gold Bangles Designs And Images

If you want to buy bangles that are cost-effective and yet stylish and intricate in design then the best choice is to buy the 4-gram gold bangles. These patterns are best used for occasions as well as for office wear.

Best Gold Bangles In 4 Grams:

Here is presenting top 9 4gm gold bangles designs which you will surely like,

1. Flat 4 gm Gold Bangles:

Flat 4 gm Gold Bangles

Here is a nice set of 4 gm gold bangles that have a flat face. The intricate design on the bangles is very traditional and makes it perfect for functions. This bangle set is made with the 4 gm gold that makes it cost effective too.

2. Rope Style Gold Bangles:

Rope Style Gold Bangles

This rope style gold bangles set of 4 is very popular among many people. It is beautiful and delicate in its design. You can have the set of 4 bangles at a good cost. The rope style twisting of the gold looks very attractive on the bangle.

3. Spiral Design Bangles:

Spiral Design Bangles

Here is a nice set of 4 gram gold bangles design that works great for occasions and functions. The spiral design on the bangles is very pretty and makes a broad bangle. The 4 gram bangles can be worn two at a time on each hand for a better look or all four in one hand for a richer look.

4. Twisted Gold Bangles:

Twisted Gold Bangles

This is another very cool design that is used by many designers. The twisted gold bangles make a dramatic style and the addition of color on the gold bangle adds character. You can get these in 40 gram gold bangles as well.

5. Slant Lines Gold Bangles:

Slant Lines Gold Bangles

These 4 gram bangles are exquisite and make a very impressive pair. You can have the slant line style bangles in slim or broad design. The shine on the bangles is very good and the finish makes it perfect for wearing on marriages.

6. Plain Gold Bangles:

Plain Gold Bangles

Here is a cool daily wear bangle design that is plain and simple. The design is just round and smooth but the shine of the gold makes it very attractive. You can have two of these for daily wear. This type of plain gold 4gm bangles are mostly preferred by college girls or corporate working women’s.

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7. Gold Plated Designer Bangles:

Gold Plated Designer Bangles

It is very good to get designer bangles that are made with gold plating. You can get 4 gm. bangles in designer styles that are intricate as well. These gold plated bangles can be light weight and still look heavy. Try this type of different pattern for your casual occasions.

8. Chevron Gold Bangle:

Chevron Gold Bangle

This gorgeous bangle is made with the chevron design that looks very attractive and is modern too. This can be worn for office as well as for functions. The chevron pattern is intricate and stunning.

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9. Diamond and Gold Bangle:

Diamond and Gold Bangle

Here is a nice diamond and gold bangle that you can get in 4 grams. The bangle has a center pendant style that is studded with diamonds. The pattern is a leaf style and the bangle has a clamp attachment. This one will be nice choice for valentine day special gift to your loved one.

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4 gram gold bangles are very popular with the women since the designs are perfect for all. The bangles can be in different styles like chevron, slant, bead, etc. You can also have the bangles with diamonds or other gem stones in it.

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