9 Beautiful Black Thread Anklets For Men and Women

Anklets are the accessory that can be handmade with minimal required things. One’s imagination and creativity can be clearly put into while making an anklet. Anklets are the perfect accessory to be teamed with long skirts, floral print dresses and even western outfits etc. Men and women are equally flaunting this trend these days.

Anklets are a symbol of relationship and friendship and this is a unique accessory to add to any outfit. They are easy to be made at home and are a great gifting idea to friends and family. In order to make black thread anklets, one needs very minimal things like the basic black thread, or black strings, charms, beads, embellishments, scissors, tape, glue, clamp or clasps to secure the anklet etc. and of course a bit of creative and imaginative mind. The basic black thread can be used as such or can be braided, knotted, knitted etc. according to the requirement and length of the ankle. Further the little things to be tied to the anklet can be patterned and the clamp or clasp needs to be adjusted and secured. Voila, there you go. The black thread anklets are ready to be flaunted.

Latest Black Thread Anklets in New Styles:

Let us now explore the top 9 beautiful black thread anklets designs for men and women in this article.

1. Black Leather String Anklet for Men:

black thread anklets

This is a simple anklet for men. This is made with a leather cord or string and is black which is actually worn by men as a lucky charm. This anklet is even worn by many celebrities.

2. Handmade Black Thread Anklets for Men:

Handmade Black thread anklet for Men

This is an awesome looking anklet in black for men and even boys. This is a closely knitted braided anklet with black cotton thread. This is an adjustable anklet for men.

3. Black Thread Anklets with Charm for Men:

Black thread Anklets with Charm for Men

This is a great anklet to be paired with casual attire for men. This is a black thread anklet with a Celtic knot charm. The Celtic knot charm has a religious significance to it and is a particular pattern of patterns and knots which hence men can sport in this lovely black thread anklet.

4. Black Multi Stringed Anklets for Men:

Black Multi Stringed Anklets for Men

This is made of just plain black thread but is wound to create a multi layered black anklet with golden beads studded here and there in between for a different look to the anklet. Also there are knots too made with black threads. So the combination of black knots, golden beads in a layered black thread anklet look great.

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5. Black Macrame Braided Anklet for Women:

Black Macramé Braided Anklet for Women

Macrame is a way of knotting the thread. The black macrame anklet is braided so well that it is simple yet the perfect daily wear anklet for women. The anklet has ends left loose which can be tied according to the length of the ankle.

6. Black Lace Anklet for Women:

Black Lace Anklet for Women

This is a lovely looking classy anklet for women in black lace thread fabric. This is a cool stretchy anklet and looks very much retro and goes awesome with any outfit. For a designer element to it, a thin black chain is also tied to the black thread laced anklet.

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7. Ethnic Black Thread Anklets for Women:

Ethnic Black thread Anklet for women

This is a lovely looking ethnic anklet for women. This is made of black wool thread which is wound bit thick and golden coloured bells which are hungriness are tied to it. This is the perfect anklet for that ethnic feel and is perfect for traditional wear and festivals.

8. Silver Beaded Black Thread Anklet for Women:

Silver beaded Black Thread Anklet for Women

This is a very simple adjustable black thread anklet with small sterling silver beads at few places on the anklet. This is an everyday wear kind of an anklet and also can be made into an interesting combination with other anklets too.

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9. Black Choker Style Anklets for Women:

Black Choker Style Anklets for Women

This is a stylish choker anklet for women. The anklet is made by making a choker first with black string thread and then black and golden beads are tied along with a golden chain to it. The charm added is a cute little golden coloured camera.

Black threads are basically for warding off ill luck and even tying a simple black thread on a single leg is what is even done now by celebrities. Simple black thread anklets are beautiful and look classy since they are very minimalistic and not too over the top.

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