9 Best Heidi Klum Without Makeup

Everyone knows Heidi Klum. She is a German model and has been very successful in the field of business, fashion, producing, etc. She is one of the top fashion models that women look up to. Her iconic eyes and unique semi-dark skin tone makes her a trendsetter in the world of beauty. Her amazing dressing sense and day to day varying looks makes her the Diva in the world of fashion. Now she is an American citizen and rocking the streets of LA with the beautiful smile and breathtaking looks.

But with the fame and popularity come negativity. Some complain about her familiarity with makeup. But that’s not true since this woman puts the makeup on only when she’s in front of the camera for a professional shoot or an event. Otherwise, she likes to keep it natural. Here are some of the best no-makeup pictures of Heidi Klum which are about to blow your mind and the shut the haters for good.

Beautiful Heidi Klum Without Makeup With Images:

1. Say No To Parlor:

heidi klum without makeup

Heidi Klum has nothing to hide. Not even her no-makeup face. She has always been very confident about her natural beauty and she displays it proudly. Here she sports her no-makeup look where she just washed her hair and is going to sit on the chair to get her makeup done for a shoot. This picture will undoubtedly inspire lots of women to say no to makeup and be confident about their God-gifted beauty.

2. Black is The New Pink:

Heidi Klum without makeup 2

For Heidi, running out of pink is not a problem. Rather she likes to rock it in the black tops. This picture was taken when she was getting out of her hotel. She was wearing a simple black top and some random hipster jewelry.

3. Forever Young:

Heidi Klum without makeup 3

Heidi Kulm is forever young. She is 42 and still looks pretty dazzling without makeup. This is the reason why woman all over the world looks up to her as their idol. Heidi doesn’t support makeup throughout the year and likes to stay simple.

4. Tired But Shinning:

Heidi Klum without makeup 4

This picture of Heidi was taken while she called it a day at one of her friends place. She was wearing no makeup and looked tired. But she was still looking so bright and flawless. Wearing that black coat provided the cameraman with the ideal contrast and he got an excellent picture.

5. Kill The Snow:

Heidi Klum without makeup 5

This Victoria Secret’s former model turned up the temperature in the winter when she came out without any makeup. As we all know Heidi likes to keep it simple and that was evident from her look. For a woman having that type beautiful skin will be like getting heaven. Without a doubt, she looked super hot that day. Her beauty melted and killed the snow.

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6. Peeking Into The Instagram:

Heidi Klum without makeup 6

Going through the random Instagram posts we spotted out Heidi Klum sporting the easy black top. The only confusion, which was hotter, the coffee or Heidi? Undoubtedly she was one of the hottest Victoria Secret models and her blonde hair and fair skin complexion is still her best women to be the showstopper.

7. Pregnant? No Problem:

Heidi Klum without makeup 7

Pregnancy ruins skin and beauty. Not for Heidi Klum. She was spotted in LA sporting her big belly with cute glares which matched her dress.

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8. Let’s Prove it Through This Selfie:

Heidi Klum without makeup 8

Heidi Klum posted a selfie picture which revealed her beautiful skin and great hair.

9. Say No To Makeup:

Heidi Klum without makeup 9

All time beautiful Heidi Klum likes to live a simple life without any complications. This picture at an event makes it clear that she thinks the same when it comes to beauty.

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