9 Beautiful Clip on Earrings in Different Designs

Clip on earrings are a very easy style of earrings that is loved by many. The main advantage of the clip on earrings is that you do not have to pierce your ear lobes to wear any of these earrings. The clip attached to the earrings is made with metal and they have a comforter plastic piece that sits against the skin of the ear. This protects the ears from feeling tight. This list of clip on earrings gives you the best.

Latest Clip on Earrings With Images:

Here look at our 9 Best Clip on Earrings in trend. Select your perfect pair of clip on earrings for that easy to go style.

1. Pearl Button Clip on Earrings:

clip on earrings

This lovely clip on earring has a pearl button that is surrounded by tiny diamonds. The gold plating done on the earrings make it very charming. The clip on earrings has a plastic safety clip to protect the back of the earlobe. This particular clip on earring is perfect for a date night and looks stunning with evening dresses.

2. Clip on Hoop Earrings:

Clip on hoop earrings

This stunning piece of jewelry is the perfect accessory for a party. The loop earring hangs like a round loop and is studded with tiny diamonds all around. The long style of the clip earrings is perfect for occasion wear and also pairs well with traditional wear.

3. Dangler Clip on Earrings:

This spectacular dangler gold clip on earring has a crystal in a gold cage ball that hangs from a thin gold chain. The clip is comfortable to put on and take out. The dramatic cage ball that is hollow is very eye catching and the crystal bead inside shakes and creates a rattle like sound.

4. Clip on Pearl Earrings:

Clip on pearl earrings

Choose this fabulous pearl clip on earrings with pink pearls and silver clamps. The lovely pink pearls lend a fantastic beauty to your face and brighten up the complexion. Go for this clip on earrings as it requires no piercing.

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5. Hoop Clip on Earrings:

Hoop clip on earrings

This stunning bold hoop silver clip on earrings is made in thick silver. The thick band shaped earring is perfect for the young crowd and can be used as a unisex earring as well. The simple clamp style of this clip on earring makes it very easy to wear and pairs well with jeans and t-shirts.

6. Half Hoop Clip on Earring:

Half hoop clip on earring

This dazzling piece of jewelry can be yours for a price. The gold half knot earring is a wonderful piece of art work. The superb knotted pattern of the earrings is what makes it stand out. The half hoop earring is perfect to wear for parties and ceremonies.

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7. Moon Shape Clip on Earring:

Moon shape clip on earring

This is one of the most common clip on earring styles. The moon shape clip on earring has tiny pearls attached to it. The pearls sit on a golden plate. The shape of this clip on earring is unique as it covers the ear cuff area and gives you a complete bright look.

8. Crystal Clip on Earring:

Crystal clip on earring

This crystal gem studded clip on earring is the most beautiful piece of jewelry. The crystal gems provide a lot of color and brilliance to this earring. This is wonderful to be worn with party wear. The purple, blue and turquoise gemstones look gorgeous with the tiny diamonds attached to it.

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9. Trendy Clip on Earrings:

Trendy clip on earrings

This one is for the young at heart. Perfect for college and school goers, this fantastic clip on earring has a very trendy look. The clip on stud earrings has a funky fox design on them. The fox ears are studded with diamonds and the head of the fox is made with peach stone. The contrast of these colors lends to its beauty.

Select your perfect pair of clip on earrings for that easy to go style. The earrings can be worn for formal occasions as well as casual wear. Choose the trendiest style and have the freedom from piercing your ears.