9 Beautiful Turquoise Earrings for Womens in Trend

Ladies have so much craze for earrings that she definitely possess a huge collection of it. She needs to have variety of earrings to match with every dress. Immediately seeing new design she will buy it. She will surely get satisfied with turquoise earrings. The colour is so peaceful and soft that you will instantly like it. You may find ancient designs in it. Long earrings when stay as latkans look so nice. Turquoise earrings spread its smell like Mogra flower. Wherever you carry it, it will no doubt attract people.

Latest and Stylish Turquoise Earrings for Weddings:

Let we have to look at the top 9 Turquoise Earrings for ladies in fashion.

1. Turquoise Copper Earring:

Turquoise Copper Earring

This turquoise earring is in copper metal. Two big pear shape copper metal is hanging and in between there is a hook string with two turquoise colour balls. It is going to look alluring and as it is of copper, people will demand to see it again and again.

2. Turquoise Earring for Kids:

Turquoise Earring for Kids

This is so beautiful turquoise stud earring. It is given a shape of flower and looks so real. It is having stud which gets pierce with the hole in your ear. It is uncomplicated earring with pretty look. The turquoise stone is amazingly crafted in a shape of flower.

3. Turquoise Earring with Pearl:

Turquoise Earring with Pearl

It is a turquoise drop earring with pearl and diamond. There is one big round pearl connected with a small shiny diamond and then an egg shape turquoise stone. This earring is having such a soft touch and royal looks too. The shining of all three stone is wonderful.

4. Diamond Studded Turquoise Earring:

Diamond Studded Turquoise Earring

This turquoise gold earring has diamond studded in it. There is a round turquoise in middle covered with gold. There is a row of diamonds affixed on gold portion. It will sparkle in dark. This becomes an ethnic design. Diamond and Turquoise are complementing each other.

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5. Temple Jewellery Turquoise Earrings:

Temple Jewellery Turquoise Earring

This silver turquoise earring is inspired by temple jewellery. There is an image of Lord Ganesha on Lotus over turquoise. On turquoise stone, there are lines crafted of mismatch shapes. Very few ladies select such type of earring. It exhibits their love for Ganesha.

6. Teardrop Turquoise Earring:

Teardrop Turquoise Earring

This turquoise silver earring has round link of silver balls and diamonds. The turquoise covered with diamonds is hanging below the link. The round string of balls and diamond appears like the tears are dropping from the eyes.

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7. Turquoise Earring with Floral Motif:

Turquoise Earring with Floral Motif

This is a turquoise earring with floral motif. There is an open flower motif of big size. Inside it there is a silver metal floral motif. And in middle, flower is created with turquoise stones. Each stone is supported with a silver clip. It is a hanging earring pattern.

8. Turquoise Heart Stud Earring:

Turquoise Heart Stud Earring

This is a heart shape turquoise stone earring. In this turquoise earring studs are there of silver. The turquoise stone has awesome thick cover of sterling silver. The turquoise is plain and lovely. The design made is so captivating and appealing.

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9. Side Butterfly Turquoise Earring:

Side Butterfly Turquoise Earring

This is a rare pattern in turquoise earring. Two side wings of butterfly is there containing two turquoise stone. There is also a white stone in eye shape is studded beside the wing. The turquoise is appearing out like an eye. It is uncommon design in earring.

Turquoise earring became popular because of its gemstone. The value of stone is high. A great actor Salman Khan regularly wears turquoise stone as bracelet and it’s a lucky charm for him. Those who believe in gemstone know the benefits of turquoise stone. If you love gemstones, you can daily wear such earring and receive its advantage. There is even modern designs available in earrings so young girls will even love it. Not only as gemstone, but you can wear this as fashion accessory also.