Top 15 Platinum Chain Designs

Everyone who knows anything about jewellery will clearly understand the hierarchy of precious metals with platinum being atop it as it one of the most sought after metals when it comes to making adorable jewellery. This is because platinum is gorgeous, durable and extremely pure. The purity of platinum itself is a sign of the purity of the emotions that it may represent especially when it was given as a gift or as a symbol of love. These are also used in the health care trade, because of their advantages over other inert metals. Platinum chains are not only used in the health sector but also used in the industrial sector, because of their high tensile strength, and anti-oxidant properties. Platinum chains are heavier than other material, such as gold and silver. Platinum is an extremely rare, even extra valuable than gold which in part the reason why it is considered superior. Here, are various styles and designs of platinum chains with their meanings for your information.

Best Platinum Chain Designs:

Here are our top 15 platinum chain designs as follows.

1. Platinum Chain Necklace With Coral and Stones:

platinum chain

Platinum is probably the best material from which to make the jewellery. The Platinum chain should reflect individuality and freedom. The platinum chain is designed with box chain design. Platinum is an excellent metal that is long lasting and requires little maintenance. This can be perfect for wearing alone or with light to medium pendants. It gives a unique look and you can wear this chain for any kind of event.

2. Authentic Platinum Rounded Link Chain:


Beautiful and unique platinum rounded link chain is suitable for both women and men. This chain is slightly larger and thicker than other chain designs. There are different colors available adding an extra colored pendant will give the extra glance to the neck chain. It is the best platinum chain for men.

3. Women’s Platinum Solitaire Necklace With 1/2 ct TDW Diamond:


The elegance of white gold and a round cut diamond gives this necklace timeless beauty. Half-carat gem has endless possibilities for coordination and style. This jewellery gives the dazzling look offering the simple touch that perfectly balances your flashier styles. This diamond pendant necklace is a wardrobe staple to complement looks for any occasion. It can also be a perfect collection of accessory for women.

4. Diamond over Sterling Silver Heart-Shaped Pendant and Rope Chain:


Platinum chains are also available for men. Today, platinum jewellery and chains are becoming very popular, and the price of this metal is an expensive one. It also goes extremely well with formal wear and it can be used for cuff links as well. This fine heart shaped pendant decorated with genuine white stones is crafted of platinum over silver that hangs from a rope chain.

5. 16 Inch Platinum Trace Women Chain for Pendant:


Platinum trace women link chain separated with silver plated material. This thin small platinum traces chain for small pendants. This is a narrow link, light weight pendant chain perfect for wearing alone or with light and medium sized pendants. It fastens with a small spring bolt style clasp. This gives a unique view while compared with others.

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6. Unique 950 solid Platinum oval Link Chain:


Solid platinum oval link chain, each and every link has been linked with oval shaped link and this platinum with steel base chains are made up with silver plating. Peoples those who are want to wear this kind of heavy platinum chain, go with this solid platinum oval link chains which enhance your look and entire personality.

7. Platinum .950 26 Inch Cable Link Chain for Men:


Platinum is a long durable and precious metal, which makes it great for crafting pieces that will last and worn on a regular basis, every day if a person wants. Platinum design chains are better to wear than other types of metals, such as gold or silver day-to-day and then save the platinum for really special occasions. Cable designed chain gives the inspiration feel for the wearers.

8. Men’s Platinum .950 18 Inch Cable Link Chain:


Platinum men’s chain has their special quality and they can be used in many industries. Materials that use for making platinum chains is in great numbers, every kind of material have their special shine and quality. This cable link platinum chain gives a unique look.

9. Diamond Cuban Link Chain for Men’s and Boys:


The fabulous diamond Cuban link chain crafted of polished platinum weighs approximately 95 grams and studded with sparkling round diamonds. It can be featured with several luxurious link designs and the fantastic combination will be definitely combining solid platinum and dazzling diamonds. This cube design neck chains are suitable for traditional functions measuring about 21 inches long and 6 mm wide.

10. Montebello Platinum Princess-cut Neck Chain for Women:


Platinum chains can really make woman’s feel special. Countless, Platinum chain for women is available in web stores. You can get elegant and stylish princess cut white diamond in a prong setting. The platinum chain is crafted of platinum with a matching box chain and spring ring clasp.

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11. Palm Beach Platinum over Diamond in Motion Circle Pendant Necklace:


Palm Beach platinum over the diamond in motion circle pendant chain gives the prettiest view and it can be suitable for any kind of occasion. This can be constructed of polished platinum over silver; this jewellery features a unique style. The chain showcases an impeccable diamond design.

12. Fremada Platinum 18-inch Cable Necklace:


The fine platinum chain creates a classic look for everyday wear. This offers a simple glance and suitable for both men and women. If you add a pendant, it will definitely give you a great accessory for your attire.

13. Fremada Italian Platinum Round Chain:


Add a stylish piece of jewellery to your wardrobe collection with this Fremada sterling silver round wheat chain. It has a beautiful polished finish and a classic round wheat chain. You can choose from eight different lengths and piece that brings versatility and elegance. It was secured with a lobster claw closure and can be worn every day.

14. Eloquence Platinum 2 1/2 ct TDW Geometric Pendant:


This pendant is made with a two diamonds which is arranged in a manner to form the shield shape. They are crafted by experts with high-quality platinum which is durable and designed with the inspiration of today’s “warriors in the gentle time”. It has a glittering round cut stones in the pendant with the lobster clasp on the triple chain.

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15. Women’s Platinum Chain With Double Heart Pendant:


The double heart pendant is embedded with lustrous round-cut diamonds and it is made of 10-karat white gold. It is an 18-inch rope chain fitted with the spring ring clasp at the end. It has elegant design best suits for bridal outfits and heart touching presents for loved one. This is a perfect platinum chain for women.

Today, the uses of the platinum are ever increasing. Platinum’s effectiveness being a conductor of electricity has made it as a highly useful material for electrical contacts and numerical industrial purpose. Moreover, platinum is naturally white and does not react with air, so your jewellery will always remain same as white as the first day you purchased it.