9 Cute Friendship Bracelets With Names For Best Friend

From ancient times friendship is considered as one of the purest and divine relationships of the world and eventually the same is considered in today’s time also. For friends we can do anything and everything and keep no stone unturned to fulfill the task given by friends.

friendship bracelets

For some of us friends are life and to survive without friends is impossible. So why not tie remarkable friendship bracelets to friends as gratitude towards great friendship.

Bracelet Designs for Friendship day:

Friendship bracelets are colourful and can be designed in various ways according to your taste and style. Here are some interesting patterns of friendship bracelets with images are as follows.

1. Double Wave Friendship Bracelets:


Friendship double bands friendship bracelets can be made with colourful threads. It can be made in different pattern and designs like “Peruvian Wave” or “Greek Wave” bands. This double wave is a beautiful choice to gift it to your friends for a summer at the beach.

2. Knotted Friendship Bracelets:


Knotted friendship bracelets can be very easily made at home with the help of some thread. It is very simple and elegant looking bracelet which you tie on your friend’s wrist. You can choose the threads of your own choice and can design them thicker also according to your choice. If you wish you can insert some stones in between the knots to give your bracelet a different look.

3. Rainbow Friendship Bracelets:


Looking at rainbow brings a smile on your face. The same way when we get a glance of friends we feel happy and get thrilled. So the rainbow friendship bracelets depict joys and happiness it has charming colours which make it look attractive on the wrist. You can even style them with different colours matching them with your outfit of the day, so that you can look stylish and cool.

4. Polka Dotted Friendship Bracelets:


As friends are the one who would never judge you so you try to get them some unique bracelets. Polka dotted bracelets can be easily knotted with the help of strings and you can even choose the favourite colours of your friend. The polka dot bracelet is a great for a small pop of colour and gives the entire bracelet a unique look.

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5. Diamond Pattern Friendship Bracelets:


As diamond is considered the most precious thing in the world the same way friends and their friendship is the most precious thing for everyone. These diamond pattern bracelets can be costumed with different colours so that it looks attractive and unique. As diamond shines may your friendship also shine .You can even design various pattern for this bracelets.

6. Beaded Braid Friendship Bracelets:

beaded-braid-friendship-bracelets 6

Beaded braid friendship bracelets is very trendy and a unique piece of jewel which is created with the help of beads. You can use any combination of colour beads and create endless numbers of bracelets for yourself as well as your friends. The beautiful beads once assembled together make the bracelet look beautiful and gives your wrist an elegant look.

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7. Silver Friendship Bracelets:


Silver is always considered as a pure and in toxic metal as similar to features of friendship. So what more could be a pure rather than silver friendship bracelet to gift it to your friend. If you want you can even engrave your friend name on the bracelet and some beautiful shapes across the bracelet.

8. Cute Beaded Friendship Bracelets:


Beaded friendship bracelets look very elegant and it goes well with all kinds of casual dresses and gives you a stylish and cool look. Generally it is dressed up by girls or women’s as a funky accessory. You can even design them in the form of bangle and make multiple layers also. These types of bracelets look cute on young girls and goes well with jeans and crops t-shirts.

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9. Butterfly Friendship Bracelets:


As it is well known that butterfly is a symbol of change, colour and joy, similarly friends also beings happiness fills our life with colours. So butterfly friendship bracelets can do miracles and transform your life to happiness .

Friendship bracelets are very common in young ones. Apart from tying friendship bracelets on friendship day they even gift them on occasions also. These small gestures can bring happiness in your life as well as in friend’s life. It is one of the most beautiful ways of expressing your love towards your friend.