9 Fabulous Designer Finger Ring Designs in Gold

A gold ring is a very common piece of ornament which is worn by all age group as well gender. In today world it no more a piece of jewel it considered as fashion and you can create your own style statement. Now people appreciate to wear designer rings as it gives them a new look and you can have a good rapport in the eye of your friends, family members as its even lends you a feel good factor also. The designer gold rings appears unique than normal ones and makes you appear different rent in the crowd.

Designer Gold Rings for Men and Women:

Gold designer rings makes you feel honored and you derive pleasure in wearing them. Now let’s have a glance at top 9 designer gold rings for men and women.

1. Traditional Layered Bridal Ring in Gold:

Traditional Layered Bridal Ring

Gold is considered auspicious and said to being good faith, so it has become a tradition in Indian weddings to wear gold ornaments. The ring made three layers each of it having artistic and intricate work making it look fabulous when worn by brides.

2. Leopard Designer Gold Ring for Men:

Leopard Designer Gold Ring for Men

As leopard is said to be very strong and brave one, the similar qualities possessed by a man also. So some men prefer and appreciate to wear the ring on which leopard or any animal face is crafted. On the eyes and mouth precious stones are crowned adding more look to the ring as well the wearer.

3. Blooming Flower Designer Gold Ring:

Blooming Flower Designer Gold Ring

As blooming flowers are always adored and can be used on every occasion. Thus   the designers has designed a unique ring in a form of flower  in 18 k pure gold .The ring can be  paired with western as well as ethnic outfit also and looks great on every female.

4. Om Designer Gold Ring:

Om Designer Gold Ring

This kind of “OM” shape rings are very popular in among men and women both as they look very trendy when worn. The ring has a beautiful “OM” crafted on it with gold and in the centre precious diamond are studded giving a charming look to the wearer.

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5. Simple Gold Designer Rings for Men:

Simple Gold Rings for Men

A man is very particular about their dressing and accessories and searches something different. They want to have that accessory which suits their personality, style and should be in fashion also.  So this kind of simple but classy designer gold rings suits well to them and add more look when worn.

6. Gold and Diamond Designer Rings for Girls:

Gold and Diamonds Designer Rings for Girls

Gold and diamond rings in timeless and lends a classy and unique look to young girls when worn. The ring is designed in a beautiful pattern and the edges are trimmed into three spikes where in dazzling diamonds are crowned. The designer ring can add spark and make you appear stylish.

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7. Rose Gold and Diamond Designer Rings for Men:

Rose Gold and Diamond Ring for Men

Here comes something very unique for the men who are very fashion conscious and always want to match their outfit with the latest designer ring. The ring is an ultimate combination of yellow and pink gold and in the centre valuable diamond is crowned thus giving it an exotic look.

8. White Gold Designer Rings for Women:

White Gold Designer Ring

The white gold are very much in demand as they have a sizzling look and appears very classy when worn to any parties or any occasion. The ring is crafted in a flower pattern and the small uncut diamonds studded on it enhances the look by many folds.

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9. Designer Filigree Gold Ring:

Designer Filigree Gold Ring

Filigree rings are attractive and appealing to eyes because of the intricate metal work made with twisted thread thus giving an extravagant appearance when worn on fingers. Though the ring looks big in size but they are pretty light in weight and convenient to wear also.

As time is changing people are getting inclined towards designer ring as its gives them a unique looks.  It makes them feel that they are updated with the ongoing fashion and makes them appear stylish and fashionable. The designer bracelets are available in many designs and made of different metals like gold, silver, copper and different kind of stones are studded on it thus giving them an exclusive look when worn, so you can pick the one according to your taste and style.