9 Famous Designer Diamond Jewellery Designs

Diamonds are one of the rarest and most valuable minerals. Diamonds are loved by all. They have a great use in the jewelry industry due to its snob appeal, since diamonds are expensive and are a symbol of status. To meet the demands of customers for new designs, many designers have come up.


Latest Designer Diamond Jewellery Sets:

Here are the top 9 indian designer diamond jewelry designs for Women are as follows.

1. Simple Designer Necklace Set for any Occasion:


This diamond set has a stunning design. It has a diamond choker plus necklace which goes well with every occasion. This designer diamond jewellery has a modern as well as an ethnic look. It has a beautiful diamond setting with some rubies and pearls to give it an elegant look. This is a very creative design carved by top diamond jewellery designers.

2. Designer Stud Earrings with Circled Gemstone:


These are stud earrings with approximately 1 carat diamond and sapphire stones embedded in the centre. This has an excellent diamond cut with a mesmerizing design. This has secure screw back closures which provide comfort with beauty. It has a sophisticated, royal look to be worn on special occasions as well as in parties. This will look good on women of all ages.

3. Captivating Designer Diamond Ring:


This is a diamond ring on a metal setting with the perfect 1 carat diamond in the centre. The ring has a distinctive look that goes well on all occasions. It has an intricate design work made by top designer jewellery to give it the proper elegant look. It is a classic-inspired ring which is a perfect example of beautiful diamond jewellery.

4. Designer Heavy Diamond Necklace for Bridal:


This is a diamond and gold choker set for auspicious occasions. This has a heavy and intricate look. It has the perfect setting of the drops at the end of the necklace with small rubies and emeralds to give it a sophisticated look. The matching earrings complete the set. The diamonds are set perfectly to highlight the gold. It is all-in-all a complete and elegant set.

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5. Designer White Diamond Earrings with Pearl:


These are white diamond earrings with cobalt blue gemstones embedded in them. The pearl droplets in the centre give it a sophisticated look suited for all parties and occasions. These earrings have an excellent diamond cut with intricate, floral designs. It would go well with women everywhere and is designed by top diamond jewelry designers.

6. Designer Diamond Bracelet for Women:


This designer bracelet has a unique design. It is studded with diamonds and has gold designing on it too. The design is different from normal jewelry designs. It gives the hand a very elegant and charming look.

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7. Designer Nose Ring  Jewelery:


Nose rings like these look pretty on the bride and are suitable for bridal wear. It is made of gold and is studded with diamonds. It has a beautiful design a luxurious look.

8. Modern Designer Uncut Diamond Set:


This diamond jewellery has an exclusive design and is made from uncut diamonds. The two peacocks look brilliantly set with matching earrings. It is truly a breath taking piece.

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9. Designer Jhumka Earrings:


These are a combination of jhumka and earrings. They look extremely pretty because of their elegant designing. They have a heavy look and will look great on traditional wear.

Diamond designer jewellery is always in high demand because they are ideal for weddings and everyone looks for exclusive designer wear on such occasions. One can choose designers as per their budget.