How to Get Over a Guy You Can’t Be With

How to Get Over a Guy You Can’t Be With

Getting over someone is never easy, whether it’s someone you can’t date for various reasons or someone who simply doesn’t share your feelings. Unrequited love can be very painful and unfortunately there are no easy, clear-cut answers to the question ‘how do you forget about someone?’. Even so, there are a few things that can be helpful even though the process itself can be a difficult one:

Acknowledge your feelings

It might seem basic, however, acknowledging and accepting your feelings is one of the most important steps for moving on. Denying your feelings or trying to minimize them in any will only make matters worse and will end up stalling your recovery, making it even harder to let go. Allow yourself time to ‘grieve’ and be upset, just as you would when recovering from a breakup. While it might not technically be a breakup, the feelings of loss you’re experiencing is quite similar to the process of going through a tough breakup.

Make a list of flaws

How to Get Over a Guy You Can’t Be With

More often then not, it’s tempting to put the person we have feelings for on a pedestal and see only the qualities we’re attracted to, completely disregarding the fact that, like everyone, they too have many flaws. Acknowledging these flaws will make it easier to have a more realistic perspective of the person you’re infatuated with and will help you feel better.

Limit contact

This one might be tricky if you happen to be in a situation where you have to see the guy you have feelings for on a regular basis, however, creating a bit of space is imperative. If you can’t completely distance yourself from him, do your best to at least limit your interactions as much as possible resisting the urge to engage in in-depth conversations. On the same note, try to avoid any social media snooping or re-reading the past conversations the two of you had.

Keep busy

How to Get Over a Guy You Can’t Be With

Being idle opens the door for over-analyzing every aspect of the situation, which only makes matters worse. Taking time to try new hobbies, working out or simply working on projects you’re interested in and which can help you develop new skills will help you keep your mind off the guy you can’t date and might even help you become a better version of yourself.

Try meeting new people

While it’s not necessary to start dating right away if you’re not feeling ready to do so, spending time with friends and making new ones is definitely a good idea. When you do feel ready to consider dating other guys, resist the temptation to compare your date to the guy you can’t be with as it will only sabotage your efforts and ruin the mood.

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