9 Modern & Stylish Locket Necklace Designs

The locket necklace was once the favourite gift for any women. Earlier it was the most precious gift a man to give his ‘lady love’. These lockets were used to store the portraits, lock of hair, rings and some small things they thought as the most special memory of their loved ones. These lockets were also sometimes transferred to the next generation.

Even nowadays, the locket necklaces are the favourite and special gift a girl can get from her love. There are many styles, models, materials and shapes are available in the market. Some men even design a special locket for their ‘love of life’.

Latest and Best Locket Necklace Designs:

Let’s find here with shown different types of locket necklaces for girls which will give a tremendous look to the wearer.

1. Souvenir’ Locket Necklace:

Souvenir’ Locket Necklace

These are old and traditional locket in the market. The portrait lockets are made exclusively to store the portrait of a person or a pet inside. Sometimes a family portrait is stored inside the locket and is transferred as a ‘legacy’ to the next generation.

2. Kids Special Locket Necklace:

Kids Special Locket Necklace

As the name says, these locket necklaces are gifted to the loved ones as a ‘lucky charm’. The necklace locket is filled with small crystals, shaped pendants, stars, shells, etc and is considered as a lucky charm for the person wearing it. These are also known as ‘Floating charm lockets’. These are also filled with the writings or inscription of names, memories, dates and quotes.

3. Designer Locket Necklace:

Designer Locket Necklace

The unique locket necklace is a gold locket necklace which are unique. These are made carefully with unique designs and carvings on the layer. These are used to store small items, even a key. These are designed with any shape and are ‘unique’ gift to the loved ones. These also give antique looks.

4. Poison Pattern Locket Necklace:

Poison Pattern Locket Necklace
Earlier loyal warriors used to carry silver locket necklace with them filled with poison. Even now these lockets are loved by people but are mostly filled with ‘coloured’ liquids to give a realistic look. These are also now used to store special message in a scroll for the special ones.

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5. Vintage Style ‘Locket Necklace:

Vintage Style Locket Necklace

The Vintage style necklace designs are mostly heart locket necklace. These are available as a ‘lock and key’ for the couple where the woman holds the heart and the man holds the key for her heart. These lockets are also used to store a portrait or a memory.

6. Casual Locket Necklace:

Casual Locket Necklace
The self-defence locket is the trending necklace as they look like a normal white gold locket necklace, but they are actually used to store sharp object weapons. These are mostly used by teenagers for self-defence and style.

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7. Special Valentine Locket Necklace:

Special Valentine Locket Necklace

As the name says, these are gold heart locket necklace or silver heart locket necklace made exclusively for Valentine purpose. These hearts are carved with special designs and are used to store special message including rings.

8. Girls Special Locket Necklace:

Girls Special Locket Necklace
These are similar to charm necklace, but these are exclusive angel designs. These are carved with versus from the bible, guardian angel sculpture or particular versus. These are made exclusively for kids and elder people.

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9. Personalized Locket Necklace:

Personalized Locket Necklace

The personalized locket necklaces are made to store a personalized memory. These are mostly sterling silver locket and are engraved with a personalized message. These are used for many occasions. Mostly couple engrave their names and special date inside the locket.

The locket necklaces are not just a model of ornament. They are filled with memories and they are souvenirs of a family.