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9 Popular Love Bracelets With New Styles in Trend

Bracelet is the best substitute for bangles. It looks perfect on delicate thin hands. It is worn in chunks or just single bracelet will do just fine. Bracelets have different types of designs. They can be heavy chunky or they can be thin like a chain. There are lots designs made to give an attractive look. Butterflies, heart and flower is the common type of pattern. Love bracelets are one of its kinds. It has the verb ‘Love’ written or engraved on it. It is the most gifted piece of jewellery. The love bracelets are perfect for everyday wear. It is not very flashy and heavy. It can be worn at work too. It is good to gift to your spouse. Here are few examples of love bracelets.

Latest Love Bracelets in Different Designs:

Here look at our top 9 Love Bracelets With New Styles in Trend which are mostly liked my young girls.

1. Rose Gold Love Bracelet:

Rose Gold Love Bracelet

Now a day, no likes the shiny yellow gold. They look for better sober action. The choice of rose gold is increasing every day. Rose gold love bracelet has rose gold finish. It is combination of gold with bronze to give a beautiful pink shine. This type of bracelet is worn on daily basis.

2. Silver Love Bracelet:

Silver Love Bracelet

By its name, silver love bracelet is made of silver. It may or may not have diamonds. They are simple and elegant choice. It is often worn by brides. It is made to not be very shiny. So you can wear it work, college or any party.

3. Diamond in Love Bracelet:

Diamond in Love Bracelet

No jewellery is complete without diamond. Diamond love bracelet has few diamonds at equal distance. They provide enough shine to look glamorous. There regular band love bracelet which has diamond in it. This bracelet is good to wear in a party.

4. Personalized Love Bracelet:

PersonalizedLove Bracelet

Love bracelet is not always bands. There is a letter style too. Alphabet love bracelet has single alphabet of love joined individually through a link. This is a very casual style of bracelet. It is perfect for denims and shorts.

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5. Multi-link Love Bracelet:

Multi-link Love Bracelet

Sometimes single line of bracelet looks a bit boring. Multi link love bracelet has multiple chains joined together. This type of bracelet gives a punk look. It is very casual and fun to wear. It is fun to wear for casual outings. It is choice of young girls.

6. Type Wire Love Bracelet:

Type Wire Love Bracelet

Wire can be moulded in any shape. Wire love bracelet is made by moulding wire in such a way that loves word. It is very delicate. It can be worn with any outfit. It looks good in denims more. It is semi causal and very girly style

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7. Designer Heart Love Bracelet:

Designer HeartLove Bracelet

Love is best depicted by heart. Heart shaped love bracelet has a heart shape in the middle. It looks very beautiful. It is a casual style and looks best with t-shirt with no sleeves. It is worn with many bracelets.

8. Beaded Love Bracelet:

Beaded Love Bracelet

Bracelets are best when they have beads. Beaded love bracelet has beads in the start to end. It has the word love written in middle. It is glamorous option in bracelet. It can be worn for parties and events.

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9. Infinity Love Bracelet:

Infinity Love Bracelet

True love is never ending. Hence love is always associated with infinity ring. Infinity love bracelet has infinity loop to depict the deepness of love. This is a very elegant choice. You can wear it to work and meetings.

Love bracelets are cool trend in bracelets. It can be worn on any occasions. It is mostly loved by young girls. But middle aged women also wear them. There is no condition on how to wear it. It is simple yet elegant style. You may use it to gift someone special. Love bracelets are available in many styles. It is no longer a casual accessory.

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