9 Simple and Latest Chain Lockets in Gold and Silver

A chain locket is a locket attached to a chain, instead of a regular strap. It has a very trendy and different look, unlike the regular simple straps that are used in necklaces. Earlier, chain lockets were usually made of gold and silver, but these days they are made from metals too.


Chain Locket Designs in Gold and Silver:

Chain lockets are highly in fashion today. These are made for men, women, as well as children. Here are few of the highly popular silver and gold chain locket designs

1. Gold Chain with Locket:


This Chantilly laced, gold plated locket is one of the most beautiful gold chain locket designs. It has a gold chain, with a large round locket that is laced with gold flowers. It will look good on women.

2. Simple Chain with Locket Gold:


This belongs to the most basic category of gold chain locket designs. It has an elegant chain with a round locket.It can be worn over anything. It is a simple accessory which can be used on a regular day to day basis.

3. Lettered Locket Chain:


This is a very common type of chain locket. The chain is attached to a letter which one can choose as per the first letter of their or their loved one’s name. It is simple but looks cute. It can be worn by children too.

4. Chain with Orb Locket:


This is a pretty and unique chain locket design. It has a silver chain with a metallic orb locket. This can be worn by women as well as teenagers, and will look great over a western attire.

5. Unique Chain with Bird Locket:


This is an elegant and cute piece. It has a light gold chain, from which a bird and leaves locket is hanging. It is light- weighted and pretty and can be worn by kids as well as women. It is a smart statement piece.

6. Side Locket Chains for Women:


This gold chain has a beautiful locket that will fall on the side, rather than the middle, which is common. This will look very nice when paired with a traditional attire.

7. Silver Chain Locket Design:


This silver chain with a heart locket is a simple accessory for day to day use. It can be worn over any attire and by children as well as elders on a regular basis. The locket can hold a small photograph. It is a nice gift for someone you love.

8. Chain with Shell Locket:


This shell locket is one of the most exquisite chain locket designs. It has a double silver chain and a shell locket. It can hold small items as well as a key or photograph. It is really trendy and gives the person who is wearing it a cool look.

9. Clock Chain Locket:


This is an antique design and a unique combination of a locket chain and a clock. This might be a nice gift for those who like being punctual! This gives a majestic look to the person wearing it. It looks good on western wear like a black top.

Chain lockets have become very fashionable in the past few years. Gold chain with locket has been common for a long time, but for those who have a low budget, there are several chain locket design to choose from, like side locket chains and metallic chain lockets.