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France Unveils Anti-Counterfeit Campaign

France Unveils Anti-Counterfeit Campaign

Everyone loves a good bargain but that doesn’t mean you should turn your attention towards knock-offs as counterfeit products only mimic popular label designs without however bringing the high quality that comes along with deluxe products. Because the CNAC estimates that counterfeit products cost France about 6 billion euros in lost revenue a year, France customs in collaboration with luxury good association Comité Colbert decided to raise awareness against counterfeiting and owning counterfeit products by launching a new campaign.

France houses numerous internationally renowned luxury brands which have conquered the fashion industry through high quality, innovative designs, brands such as Cartier, Chanel, Christian Dior, Lacoste, Louis Vuitton, Longchamps and Van Cleef & Arples, brands who have joined forces with the Comité Colbert association in order to help stop the production of counterfeits which cause the brands millions of dollars in lost revenue each year.

France Unveils Anti-Counterfeit Campaign

The group has now unveiled its most recent campaigns which advocate against counterfeiting, purchasing and even carrying counterfeit products which apparently point out that those who are caught with counterfeits risk being jailed for up to three years and fined with a whopping sum of 300 000 euros. Now that might make you think twice about buying or flaunting a knock-off in public!

Apparently, Comité Colbert will launch 7 ad campaigns that are infused with a bit of humor to get the audience’s attention, ads that are supported by the renowned fashion brands we’ve mentioned earlier and which state the following slogans: “Buy a fake Cartier, get a genuine criminal record?”, “With this phone, you better be ready to call your lawyer!”, “Real ladies don’t like fake”, “Are you ready to unravel this one?”, “A bet on the wrong horse can be very expensive”, “Counterfeits are no bed of roses”, “Lucky Charm? Unlucky at customs”.

The new ad campaigns will be displayed starting June in 18 French airports to help discourage the sales of counterfeit products which apparently have boomed during the past few years. What do you think about the campaign? Do you agree with punishing those who manufacture/purchase counterfeit products?

France Unveils Anti-Counterfeit Campaign

Photos courtesy of WWD

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