Best Boots for Your Body Type

Best Boots for Your Body Type

The right boot can make you look slimmer and complete your look in the best way. Keeping the proportions of your body is important for any outfit, but becomes even more important for boots, where the wrong cut can also make your legs looks shorter or accentuate the width of your calves.

Discover the best boots for your body type, so you can make an informed decision when you buy footwear based on more than just trends and craftsmanship.

Best Boots for the Hourglass Body Type

You might be used to every garment working on your body, but it’s not as simple when it comes to boots. You can easily go wrong, by getting boots that look a bit too dainty or feature a pointed toe. 

Best Boots for Your Body Type

The best boots of your body type are a bit more sturdy and the right heel is the cone, with or without a platform. Rounded toes are another great detail that complements your body. Unless you have very small feet, stay away from kitten heels.

Best Boots for the Pear Body Type

Best Boots for Your Body Type

If you like full-length boots, you’re in luck! Shorter ones, like calf-length boots simple don’t work in your favor. Choose boots that hit below the knee since they’ll make your legs look longer. For a slimming effect, go for a boot in a single color and pair it with a dress or skirt in the same shade. Don’t be afraid to highlight your ankles with a slimmer boot in the ankle area. Pull-ons are best and stacked heels are also a good idea.

Best Boots for the Apple Body Type

Best Boots for Your Body Type

Love them or hate them, wedge boots are the most flattering look for an apple body shape. They’ll compliment slimmer legs more, but also work for thicker calves. The most important thing when choosing the best boots for your body type is to skip past any boots that are very slim. A chunky look works best and you can also choose boots with buckles or other embellishments. If you’re overall curvy, try a wide back heel on the wedge, for slim legs go with a thin one.

Best Boots for the Banana Body Type

Best Boots for Your Body Type

If you’re lacking big curves and are more of a rectangular or banana body shape, you can go very feminine with your boots. Stiletto heels are a must and they’ll compliment thinner legs the best. You’re also free to choose any embellishments on your boots, but stay away from really chunky buckles. If you have very long legs, you’ll also also find flats very flattering.

Best Boots for Petite Women

Best Boots for Your Body Type

Elongate your legs with a platform boot or simple high heels. Another visual trick that’s often featured in the best boots for your body type is the pointy toe. It might not be comfortable, but it helps makes your legs look longer. Keep your boots in the same color as your outfit to appear taller. Some boots come with a built in vertical accent: the zipper! A long zipper will create the right proportion, as long as you stay away from any horizontal embellishments on the boot.

Best Boots for Tall and Slim Women

Best Boots for Your Body Type

Flat riding boots may be the most flattering options, but your height allows you to experiment with any type of boot you like. The ones that are least flattering are ankle-length booties, with over-the-knee boots for a modern look.

Best Boots for Plus-Sized Women

Best Boots for Your Body Type

Boots aren’t usually a top choice for plus-sized women, but you can make them work for you with a few simple details. Usually, the biggest issue when choosing boots is related to thick calves, but you can find trendy boots in plenty of stretchy fabrics. Avoid a cuff that cuts across your legs in a straight line and choose the more flattering angled cuff. Stick to below the knee and try pull ons that highlight your ankles. The most important slimming secret is wearing boots with thighs in the same shade for a slimming effect.

Best Boots for Wide Feet

Sometimes, the biggest obstacle in finding the best boots for your body type is the width of your feet. Slim heals are the most important detail, along with zipper that go all the way down to the sole. Forget about pointy toes and embellishments that make your feet look even wider. Wearing pants that go down to the toe box is another good way to create a flattering effect, but they’ll also hide most of your boot.

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