Diamond Mangalsutra Designs – Shine Like A Star In These Collection

A diamond is forever and is its beauty! The lustrous shine of the diamond is matchless to any, which is why it’s always a girl’s “best friend”. Especially for a Mangalsutra, nothing can fit into the theme of lifelong bond than a diamond. Which is why Diamond Mangalsutra designs are a number one choice for married women or brides-to-be. These delicate looking chains are a perfect blend of traditions and modernity. They are classy, sleek and sensuous. In this article, we shall help you find your perfect Mangalsutra by exploring some of the latest patterns with images.

Features and Importance Of Diamond Mangalsutra Designs:

Check out the below points to know why these chains are so popular, along with their latest features:

  • Diamond Mangalsutra chains are made with 14K to 18K gold.
  • They are usually slim and short-chain patterns, which measure up to the neck length.
  • Diamond Mangalsutras have a black beaded chain with a diamond-based pendant.
  • They often come in sets with matching earrings.
  • These chains are known for their elegant and sophisticated look.
  • Colourful Rubies and emeralds are added to add more beauty to these chains.

Beautiful and Elegant Designs of Mangalsutra in Diamonds in Trend:

Thus the combination of diamonds and mangalsutra would give a graceful look to the women. Let’s have a glance of diamond mangalsutra design to have a classic and fab look this season.

1. Nakshatra Diamond Mangalsutra:

Every woman is a star in her own way! This is why it’s time to celebrate your stardom with this beautiful Diamond Nakshatra Mangalsutra. The simple, short-chain has a double-layered beaded chain attached to a brilliant diamond pendant with lobster hooks. Doesn’t this look simply “out of the world”?

  • Design: Diamond Nakshatra Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Night Parties

2. Single Diamond Mangalsutra:

If you are a fan of minimalistic beauty, you must check out this beauty! The single stone, the diamond pendant looks amazing with it’s sharp and brilliantly cut stone. To along with the “less is more” theme, the chain comes in a delicate, single row design. You can literally wear this one with any outfit in your wardrobe.

  • Design: Single Diamond Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Casual wear

3. Black Diamond Mangalsutra:

Black diamonds are rare, and so are you! Check out this 22k Fancy gold Mangalsutra, which is studded with black crystal stones. This elegant design looks smashing on the dusky Indian skin tone. The black ball hooked on the black beaded chain somehow reminds us of a wife and husband relationship?

  • Design: Black Diamond Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Casual wear

4. Long Diamond Mangalsutra:

If you want to go the extra mile and show your latest addition to your peers, this is a perfect choice. The long Mangalsutra comes with a double row black beads chain with a twin flower, diamond pendant. This sparkling piece looks smashing with silk sarees and even your designer outfits.

  • Design: Long Diamond Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Casual wear

5. Short Diamond Mangalsutra:

Here is a short Mangalsutra design in diamonds and 18k Gold. This pretty chain is perfect for those who want to keep it short and sweet. It is a lightweight chain, studded with shiny diamonds for that subtle sheen. This design is an ideal choice for work, casual and everyday wear!

  • Design: Short Diamond Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Casual wear

6. Red Leaves Pendant Mangalsutra:


Want to have a mangalsutra inspired by nature! Here is an attractive design decorated with crystal diamonds. The black bead string is attached with a pendant studded with tiny diamonds of red and white colour. The end of the pendant is a pearl-shaped charm with white diamonds. This pendant can be worn with dresses suitable for parties.

  • Design: Ruby and Diamond Mangalsutra Design
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Festive Wear

7. Tanmaniya Peacock Designed Mangalsutra:


The peacock design is always attractive for any jewellery or dresses. A peacock design with Tanmaniya diamonds is really attractive on traditional sarees with peacocks’ patters. The double string mangalsutra is attached to a pendant with two peacocks in white crystal diamonds. The curvy tail is also studded with diamonds to give an attractive look.

  • Design: Peacock Diamond Mangalsutra Design
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Festive Wear

8. Diamond Mangalsutra Set:


The mangalsutra set is a very trendy design to wear. The black beaded string is attached to a diamond pendant with a unique design and Circular cuttings in it. The small diamonds added in it give a sparkling look. To add to its beauty, a pair of earrings is also given along. The tiny diamond balls hanged below to give it a lavishing design. Such sets are adorable over fashionable dresses and sarees in parties.

  • Design: Designer Diamond Mangalsutra Design
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Weddings and Night Parties

9. Henna Designed Mangalsutra:


Henna designs are simple, tiny and desirable. And when they are embossed into a diamond mangalsutra design, it really turns your eyes to hearts. A lovely pendant with curvy Henna designs filled with white diamonds gives an attractive look to the black beaded double string. It gives a unique look on lehengas at marriages.

  • Design: Fancy Diamond Mangalsutra Design
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Weddings and Night Parties

10. Fancy Floral Branch Design:


Want to have a fancy look in the trendy parties and get together! This design is definitely the one you are searching for. A floral branch with beautiful tiny flowers studded in diamonds along with curvy designs in diamonds is eye-catchy. The American diamonds give a romantic effect to the viewers.

  • Design: Floral Diamond Mangalsutra Design
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Night Parties

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11. Pearl and Diamond Mangalsutra:


A combination of pearl and diamonds is great to wear on ethnic designer sarees and dresses. A lovely mangalsutra design in diamond and pearl is attached with a single black beaded string. Pearls are used in between the chains and at the end of the pendant to give the design a marvellous look. Diamonds are also fixed in the pendant to give a curvy look a new design.

  • Design: Pearl and Diamond Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Casual Outings

12. Lotus Design Mangalsutra:


Want to have a floral design for your mangalsutra! Try this diamond mangalsutra image design. A pendant designed like a lotus flower in the water and studded with white diamonds is a must to wear design. It symbolizes truth, honesty, love and eternity. This suits specially on white dresses to give a look.

  • Design: Elegant Diamond Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Evening Parties

13. Angel Heart Pendant Design:


Want to gift something lovable to your princess! Here is the latest diamond mangalsutra design. The pendant is made of gold and diamonds, giving a shape of a heart with wings. This design signifies true love. It can be a proper gift for the bride, indicating her as the angle of his life. As it is a short mangalsutra, it can be worn on any outfit.

  • Design: Angel Wings Diamond Mangalsutra Design
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Romantic Date Nights

14. Star Designed Mangalsutra Design:


Want a unique combination of white gold and diamonds! Try out this design of mangalsutra with diamonds arranged, giving a star look. The mangalsutra designs diamonds are tiny and sparkly to give a charming look to the mangalsutra. They are further designed with white gold and black beaded string. It suits best on sarees.

  • Design: Star Design Diamond Mangalsutra
  • Metal: White Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Night Dinners

15. Black and White Diamonds Pendant:


Try this unique designed mangalsutra with your heavy dresses or sarees and look elegant. The pendant is given a shape similar to an alphabet. The diamonds used are black and white. It can be a secret gift to your wife where the initial is hidden in the design.

  • Design: Black and White Diamond Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Evening Wear

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16. Simple Gold and Diamond Pendant:


A simple and delicate pendant with gold and diamonds give an ethnic look. The pendant is attached to a single black beads string. The pendant gives an eternal look where the golden circle is surrounded with small diamonds at some gap. It takes your ethnic look to a new level. The design of diamond mangalsutra we also used for regular basis.

  • Design: Simple Diamond Pendant Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Casual Wear

17. Moon Designed Mangalsutra:


Nature always is inspired for jewellery designs. A crescent moon design filled with white and crystal tiny diamonds gives the pendant an amazing look. This design symbolizes true love, power and feminine. It looks lovely even on casuals and ethnic wear.

  • Design: Half Moon Diamond Mangalsutra
  • Metal: White Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Casual Wear

18. Delicate Diamond Pendant Mangalsutra Design:


Want to gift your better half something different! A pendant inspired by the curvy branches would be for it. The diamond mangalsutra design with such curves and a single black bead string is amazing. It gives a dashing look on every outfit. It symbolizes a true love bond between the couple.

  • Design: White Gold Diamond Mangalsutra Chain
  • Metal: White Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Casual Wear

19. Motifs Design Mangalsutra:


Want to wear something royal for weddings! A design of betel leaves studded in American diamonds is the best suitable. Three motifs are attached with each other to form a pendant attached with a single string. The motifs designs give a royal touch to your personality for any party or wedding.

  • Design: Diamond Mangalsutra For Weddings
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Weddings

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20. Tangled Mangalsutra Design:


This is a beautiful mangalsutra design in a diamond. It is a combination of a knot tied in rope and an elephant tusk. Both are studded in tiny diamonds to give a unique look to the wearer. It gives a panache look on every dress you wear.

  • Design: Modern Mangalsutra For Weddings
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Casual wear

Those are some of the best Diamond Mangalsutra designs to try from! Diamond chains are expensive on the pocket, but their beauty outshines everything else. They bear an aristocratic look, which regular gold pendants cannot offer. These chains also suit the tastes of the contemporary audience, with their unique patterns and ideas. You can just grab a piece that goes well with at least a few types of dresses to make the best of your deal!