Emma Watson and Alberta Ferretti Collection Preview

Emma Watson and Alberta Ferretti Collection Preview

This year we had the opportunity to see the well known Harry Potter star, Emma Watson, involved in many projects that placed a strong emphasis on a sustainable lifestyle. The latest People Tree collaboration is perhaps the most relevant example in this sense, as it expresses her concern for environmental problems in a highly artistic manner.

Those who kept track of the latest news about the star cannot help but notice the series of events that subtly anticipated and promoted the actresses’ latest fashion line, called Pure Threads. With the latest People Tree campaign and the Elle Style Award she received earlier this year, she has definitely managed to consolidate her status as a fashion icon. The capsule collection created in collaboration with the luxury brand will be released on the 21st of March, being available on the official website of the Alberta Ferretti brand.Emma Watson and Alberta Ferretti Collection Preview

Consisting of five pieces, the line has a strong ’70s vibe. According to the designer “Emma had a Jane-Birkin-in-the-Seventies image in mind.”

Hand-applied lace embroideries are a type of detail that illustrates this source of inspiration perfectly, while providing a touch of femininity to the collection. The line includes a pair of denim shorts, two dresses, a shirt and a long skirt which are made of hemp, cotton muslin and cotton poplin.

Alberta Ferretti motivated her collaboration with the young star by declaring: “I’m grateful Emma accepted this creative partnership that can contribute to fashion and to the health of the planet. She’s an actress I’ve followed since her early days. I like her freshness, her spontaneity and simplicity. She is intelligent, with a strong personality, a young, modern girl of today but aware of social issues at the same time and very rigorous. This is a moment that demands strong attention to these issues and we can help in communicating them.”

Increasing sensitivity on the subject of green living is indeed a top concern for Emma. She declared: “I’m pleased that a luxury brand such as Alberta Ferretti has decided to create ecological clothes. I believe this is a big step forward for all of the international fashion industry, but also an important step for an increased sensitivity to the problem of ecology.”

However, she has decided to take it one step further and a stated part of the profit will be donated to People Tree. Speaking about profits, it can be important to mention the price ranges for the pieces included in the collection. The approximate prices range from $345 to $1173 at present and may vary depending on exchange rates. On the subject of pricing, Alberta Ferretti explained: “Ecological materials cost twice as much, and selling online is a way to reach customers around the world faster, while containing costs.”

Emma Watson and Alberta Ferretti Collection Preview

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