Fafi x Undiz Lingerie Collection

Fafi x Undiz Lingerie Collection

We’re super excited to present to you the new Fafi x Undiz lingerie collection as the creativity and chicness backing the collaboration got us hooked on each and very piece featured in the lineup. The collection, which we might say packs some smile-inducing artistic prints created apparently by French artist Fafi, especially for the new limited edition lingerie collection.

Although undergarments are not made to be flashed for everyone to see, studies have shown that women wearing sexy lingerie underneath their clothes are a bit more confident and come to think of it, who doesn’t feel fab when they slip-on their favorite underwear pieces?! From first glimpse, the Fafi x Undiz lingerie collection uplifts the mood with its youthful, chic and playful yet totally hot style, so why not have a little bit of fun and spice-up your lingerie collection with any of these gorgeous Undiz?

The complete lineup packs a heavy dose of diversity when it comes to both color and design and this only means one thing: you’ll be able to find a piece to match your style without too much effort. Flirty, cute panties, bras, camisoles, boxers and pajama pieces are only a few of the stylish lingerie designs to discover in the new Undiz x Fafi collection, so explore your options and see which ones you won’t be able to resist!

Fafi x Undiz Lingerie Collection Fafi x Undiz Lingerie Collection

Although the majority of the designs are concentrated on contemporary, sporty cuts, there are quite a few pieces that take on a more vintage and delicate, all-romantic path to style and comfort. While bold, artistic motifs including hearts, an Indian chief, comic book inspired prints and a very fashionable ombre haired girl displayed on the majority of the lingerie pieces, monochromatic, all lady-like separates were also put on display, so adapt your underwear to your mood and style as you can’t go wrong with any of the pieces . Paired with an affordable price tag these Fafi x Undiz lingerie designs will surely sell like hotcakes, so be sure to grab on to your fave pair or undies as the collection is limited edition!

Fafi x Undiz Lingerie Collection Fafi x Undiz Lingerie Collection

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