How to Dress Geek Chic Style

How to Dress Geek Chic Style

The school years tend to be pleasant for some of us. However let’s agree that geeks make an exception. Indeed movies as Loser or Napoleon Dynamite illustrate the hard life these kiddos had to endure. However who could have thought that someday, somehow their clothes, accessories and hair will be so rad?!

Geek chic has become a real phenomenon, teens as well as celebrities in general seem to find extremely fun to adopt this weird style. If you want to join their band, let’s see how to dress geek chic style.

The first step is always to bring out your nerdy side. Try to think of those cult movies and characters who popularized the style. The only difference you’ll add to the look is confidence. Chic is all about attitude, you’ll dress like a geek, you won’t become one. Share your creative ideas with your ‘geeky’ friends to put together unique outfits.

How to Dress Geek Chic StyleHow to Dress Geek Chic Style

Eyeglasses are undoubtedly signature accessories for an original geek chic style. These are often purchased without any prescription. Don’t worry of causing any damage to your sight, buy them for the sake of the geek look. In the past we’ve seen some pretty ugly pieces, however the dawn of the geek chic induced fashion designers to create some oh-so-fab designs. These can even emphasize your beauty rather then hiding it.

Feel free to create some style combos. You don’t have to stick to geek only; urban, boho and especially preppy look great together. Choose the best features of all these styles to become a real style chameleon.

How to Dress Geek Chic StyleHow to Dress Geek Chic Style

Keep the clothes that compliment your fortes and add the geeky twist to your outfits. If you are a fan of skinnies, try to match them with a loose top to dress down the outfit with style. Opt for personalized and creative stuff, with funny messages or patterns and pictures. Fake the nerdy interests even though you’re not into computers or math. Use your creativity to make an impression.

Some might go for the ultra-casual some for the classic and more elegant style. Indeed there are endless variations for the same theme. Purchase clothes from stores both specialized for professional and sports wear. Shirts and jeans, pleated skirts and polo shirt, blouses and tweed vests are all bizarre combos worth flashing. Match clothes and accessories you would wear both to an office and school.

How to Dress Geek Chic StyleHow to Dress Geek Chic Style

Skirts are feminine and at the same time geekish if paired with knee high tights. Skim through the wide range of these in different colors, patterns and sizes. Pencil skirts were also basic elements of preppy style, as well as geek chic style.

Accessories are essential props to become a real geek. You can even create your own accessories or jazz up the old ones. Use your imagination to add a geek flair to your jewelry, belts, bags and even shoes. Wear them to complete your outfit with confidence. Suspenders are one of the other signature accessories that reflect the geeky attitude.

The school begins in a few weeks, you might consider adopting this geek chic style to surprise your schoolmates. Follow these useful guidelines if you’re looking for a dramatic change.

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