How To Dress Like Blair Waldorf

How To Dress Like Blair Waldorf

Blair Waldorf is the charming and at the same time bad girl on duty in the series ‘Gossip Girl’. Her character is scrutinized by millions whereas her style copycatted. As the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, especially on the movie screen Blair enjoys the tutoring and talent of her designer mom. The unique outfits always sophisticated and in their best shape radiate style-consciousness on high-level. Those who are fond of Preppy style and the college girl fashion tendencies might find their soul and style mate in Blair Waldorf. On the other hand, those who would like to save time and effort on organizing their outfits should skip these lines.

There’s nothing more challenging and fascinating than to try to embed this character’s style into the boring weekdays. Those who are looking forward to dress like Blair Waldorf can start by enriching their wardrobes with the staple items that would serve as starting points each time when an attire is pre-planned. Learn the basic tips to breathe life into the style of Blair Waldorf in your own fashion reverie.

How To Dress Like Blair Waldorf How To Dress Like Blair Waldorf

Dresses and Preppy Skirts

Blair Waldorf embodies the quintessential dress and skirt fan. Indeed, you can hardly see her in any episode to wear jeans or pants of any kind. Undoubtedly, the cosmopolitan and high brow style and outfits don’t suit these accessories that radiate a casual and relaxed attitude towards fashion. Pleated and plaid as well as above-the-knees skirts are wardrobe staples in her closet. The colors are also essential since she manages to wear even the most vivid shades as well as the classy navy, black and gray ones too.


Colored tights and stockings are just as essential to complement and top her overall attire. Especially during the winter season, she pairs her uniform-style dresses with chic stockings that keep the warmth and at the same time perfectly enhance her figure. Choose different patterns and experiment with the different colors. Keep your outfit neat and match this accessory with the shades of the skirts and shoes.

How To Dress Like Blair Waldorf How To Dress Like Blair Waldorf

Shirts and Preppy Tops

Since she is the proud owner of a place in a respected private school, Blair often adopts a style that suits the basic clothing rules. Uniform-style shirts are among her top choices. Buttoned-up tops decorated with embroidery or accessorized with stylish ties or a brooch is the perfect recipe to look good even if wearing a uniform. Those who crave to find the perfect outfit for school can experiment with her tricks.


Footwear is also an essential moment in her style. Blair often pairs her ruffled and more girlie dresses with stylish boots, high heels or more casual looking chic flats. This multitude of choices offers those who are devotees of the ‘Gossip Girl’ fashion the option to sport all these shoes with the perfect apparels. Pair the shade of these with the stockings to look fabulous and maintain the neat line of your outfit.

How To Dress Like Blair Waldorf How To Dress Like Blair Waldorf

How To Dress Like Blair Waldorf How To Dress Like Blair Waldorf


Blair Waldorf has a special fall for accessories. Headbands, bows as well as other hair accessories make up the most of her styling kit. Hats and scarves as well as stylish bags are among the top staples when she organizes her outfits. Be it school or a more ceremonial event, she knows how to bring out both the girlie and the more feminine side of her personality.

Headbands are her signature accessories sported in all colors and fabrics as well as designs. Those who are keen to follow her example should get hold of a multitude of hair accessories that can immediately perk up a plain outfit. The neutral colors combined with a patch of color will draw all eyes on you. Pair it with a simple but polished hairdo that would not suppress the effect of the headbands.

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