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Kayla Mattes ‘Summer Camp’ Necklace Collection

Kayla Mattes ‘Summer Camp’ Necklace Collection

After wintering in front of the knitting-machine, Kayla Mattes is finally on the point of launching her woven jewelry collection for the upcoming 2020 spring-summer season. However, the applied tools did not consist of knitted-needles and wool balls, so keep your horses, your neck won’t be boiling in the summer heat!

Kinderstruck by the memories from the creative time spent at summer camps, Kayla brings to life necklaces stimulated by the 90’s lanyard braiding phenomenon, generating avant-garde and full of pep bijous. “I remember making so many lanyards as a kid just to make them, not to actually use them. The structure of lanyards is actually really complex and stable which does really cool structural things when combined with knits. I love transforming the kitsch into fun and wearable pieces” – states Kayla.

The main idea has peeled off from her Rhode Island School of Design thesis work “Neo90ies” a knitwear collection which ran on the theme of the kitschy and artificial world of kid pop-culture. “While working on Neo-90ies I became fascinated with the structures and fabrications of popular crafts of the 90’s when I constructed a geometric knit top with lanyard embellishment.”

Kayla Mattes ‘Summer Camp’ Necklace Collection

It’s no other way with her neck-wears, Summer Camp is built on similar components and concept tracing back to the long-time-lost feel of childhood independence. Finding the perfect “Best Friend Necklace” for you nostalgists, Kayla relived some puberty pastimes. “I’ve been experimenting with a range of methods such as tie-dye, fly fish making, lanyarding, hair wrapping, and shrink art to create necklaces, bracelets, and hair accessories.”

While the ‘Neo-90ies’ attire is embracing a candy club kid culture and Nu rave look, Summer Camp is more ready-for-use line and shows a well-defined design. “Creating the SUMMER CAMP collection was really the first time I had to factor in marketability into my design decisions. It was definitely a bit of a struggle for me since my work tends to be questionably unmarketable to the masses. When thinking about the consumer I sought to create balance with the color schemes, by pairing neons with pastels, browns and blues.”

There is no reference for use of traditional elements of jewelry gems, so if you are a seeker of low-keyed bijou’s, you can truly be in your element with these hued chokers! Each piece of it had been constructed thoroughly of fiber related methods, spontaneously machine-knitted at Mattes L.A. studio. The rookie entrepreneur is on the right track of getting in the fast lane; in order to drop her goodies throughout the U.S. and internationally she started to run a funding campaign. The all-or-nothing campaign has its own time-limit with a date on 26th August. Get on with it girls, spread the word and prime the pump, and be the first dazzler of the upcoming summer of 2020!

Kayla Mattes ‘Summer Camp’ Necklace Collection Kayla Mattes ‘Summer Camp’ Necklace Collection Kayla Mattes ‘Summer Camp’ Necklace Collection Kayla Mattes ‘Summer Camp’ Necklace Collection

View the entire collection at kaylamattes.com

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