Lori’s Shoes Capsule Collection

Lori’s Shoes Capsule Collection

Celebrating success can take many forms and, when it comes to fashion industry based businesses, you can only expect the celebration to take a creative form. Chicago based brand Lori’s was definitely eager to seek a similar turn in order to celebrate three decades in the industry and has come up with its first ever capsule shoe collection.

Launched on December 3, the Lori’s fall/winter 2020 capsule collection displays a few modern shoe designs with a strong emphasis on sexiness and seductiveness. Called The Kimber, The Knockout and The Bamma, the shoes come in more than one color version to be able to better satisfy different style preferences among women from various age groups.

The hottest shoe style of the moment? Silhouette enhancing, flattering platforms most definitely. As for the style approach, it seems that the brand focuses on three core concepts: trendy and colorful, bold and wild and classy and ultra alluring. Monochrome thick heel peep toe pumps are almost always a safe style bet for most occasions. Color block trends are always attention grabbing and selecting the right accessories is a great way to ensure you don’t go overboard.

Exotic skin touches have always been an essential fashion staple for the adventurous fashionista that is never afraid to get in touch with her wild side and the lust-worthy platforms included in the collection can absolutely be a hot addition to any wardrobe. The Mary Jane influence can be clearly sensed throughout the collection being an impressive and easily memorable detail.

The three shoe styles from the collection are all priced differently. The Bamma proves to be the most inexpensive option of the three, retailing for $98.95. Boldly printed Kimber is priced in between at $124.95, while the most colorful, The Knockout, sells for $138.95 on the official website of the company.

Lori’s Shoes Capsule CollectionBamma in Dark GreyLori’s Shoes Capsule CollectionBamma in Bordo PatentLori’s Shoes Capsule CollectionKockout in Black/RedLori’s Shoes Capsule CollectionKnockout in Green/PurpleLori’s Shoes Capsule CollectionKimber in Black SnakeLori’s Shoes Capsule CollectionKimber in Purple Snake

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