Plus Size Fashion Rules to Break

Plus Size Fashion Rules to Break

There are plenty of tips and rules for slimming designs aimed at plus size women, but following every single one won’t leave you with many options. Even if you’re preoccupied with looking your best, you can’t restrict your choices constantly and still feel good about your wardrobe.

Discover the plus size fashion rules to break or at least downgrade to guidelines. With the right style ideas, you can truly express yourself through fashion and feel great about the way you look. Here are the rules that don’t always have to follow.

Black Is Slimming

Just because black is the most slimming color doesn’t mean you should fill your closet with it. Chocolate brown and navy have a similar effect and they can help you create much more varied look. If you do stick to a black bottom or top, add some color in your look and finish it with accessories and makeup that show your flair with color. Don’t go for too many bright shades, but stop fearing color.

Plus Size Fashion Rules to Breakphoto: Jennifer Jacobsson

Loose Fitting Clothing Is Always Best

While a very right fit is rarely flattering, keeping it loose is one of plus size fashion rules to break. Since loose clothing sits at the widest part of your body, they actually add even more volume to your look. Go for a good fit with a pencil skirt, a tunic (with a belt!) or even with a bodycon dress and show off your style and abandon the loose clothing myth.

Plus Size Fashion Rules to Breakphoto: Diva Dellecurve

Horizontal Stripes

While horizontal stripes can make you look shorter and wider, that doesn’t mean they will every time. Thinner stripes are better, while wider ones create big blocks of color which are really unflattering. Try a combination of darker shades when you wear horizontal stripes or start slowly by wearing either a striped top or a bottom, paired with a solid color.

Plus Size Fashion Rules to Breakphoto: Swak Designs

You Can’t Pull Off Bold Prints

Abandoning all prints is simply stupid. Avoiding prints is definitely one of the plus size fashion rules to break. The key to rocking prints on a fuller figure is to go with a smaller print. You can even try to match two prints, against another fashion rule that’s on its way out. As long as you don’t mix really bright and busy prints, trust your instinct and be daring.

Plus Size Fashion Rules to Breakphoto: Big Beauty Z

Stay Away from Bold Bottoms

Pear shaped women who aren’t a size 0 are always advised to avoid bold colors on the bottom. The truth is that plus size women do wear bold bottom and they pull it off gracefully, as long as the fit is right. Pair them with a longer top, whether it’s a tunic or a blazer, but don’t discard bold bottoms as a fundamental style rule for plus size women.

Plus Size Fashion Rules to Breakphoto: Judit Gergely

You Can’t Skip the Shapewear

No matter how many “experts” tell you that you can’t look good and be happy with your body unless you wear shapewear, they’re wrong. Wearing shapewear for extended periods of time can cause many health problems, from your skin to your circulation. If you’re wearing it regularly, this is one of the plus size fashion rules to break. Keep shapewear for looks in which you really need it, not for daily wear.

Plus Size Fashion Rules to Breakphoto: LuAnne D’Souza

Bright Tops Will Make You Look Larger

If you’re tired of black, but you don’t trust that you’ll look good in a brighter top, there’s a very easy way to get the best of both world. Layering black correctly will get you the slimming effect, while also helping you get the stylish look you want. Try a bright jacket, but wear it over a black turtleneck. A crew-neck won’t be as flattering, while a dark V-neck will lose all its power to balance out your look.

Plus Size Fashion Rules to Breakphoto: Tiffany Tucker

You Can’t Wear Skinny Jeans

Staying away from skinny jeans because you’re not a size 0 is one of the plus size fashion rules to break right now. If you’re not happy with your hips, simply wear a long top, but don’t stay away from skinny jeans on principle. They’re made for all sizes and with the right fit you can rock the tight ankle look. Don’t wear them with flats, but don’t go for huge platforms either.

Plus Size Fashion Rules to Breakphoto: Mimi Hood

Cover Up!

One of the most condescending style tips for plus size women is to cover up and avoid showing skin. It’s even more insulting when it’s followed by the suggestion that their availability in your size was some sort of a mistake. If you want to rock a crop top or a mini-dress, go for it and celebrate your body. Even if you don’t agree with the other plus size fashion rules to break, learn to let go of all negativity and be proud of your body at least from time to time.

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