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Rihanna is the New Face of Armani Underwear and Jeans

Rihanna is the New Face of Armani Underwear and Jeans

The strong fashion icon status that Rihanna acquired years ago is proving to be just as powerful today if not more than when she first started out. After leaving a mark on the beauty industry with CoverGirl and Nivea skin care, the young starlet is getting back to the fashion world with a similarly lucrative deal with the luxury fashion brand Armani.

After several speculations about the possible collaboration, Rihanna herself gave her fans a subtle clue as to what her plans are via Twitter: “U would NEVER guess what I’m doing right now!!! Hint Hint #Armani”, helping to confirm rumors the media started after the starlet has been seen talking with Roberta Armani.

Rihanna is the New Face of Armani Underwear and Jeans

Adding to her long list of profitable endorsements, the singer, who also appeared in a Gucci campaign back in 2020, will be representing the Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani Underwear lines, joining a host of other A list celebrities such as David and Victoria Beckham, Rafael Nadal, Christiano Ronaldo and Megan Fox.

The fashion house also released a statement confirming the fact that Riri is “the new global testimonial for Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans from autumn/winter 2020-12.” Furthermore, the fashion house went on to explain the fact that Megan Fox is not being replaced by Rihanna and that we will still get to see her in the next season ad campaigns: “Fox, who previously appeared in the campaign, will continue on in the Giorgio Armani Beauty ads.”

The sizzling hot campaigns are apparently shot in New York by Steven Klein and will be released worldwide in September. With so many hot celebrities staring in the fall/winter 2020-2020 campaigns, the new season surely announces to be extremely interesting and profitable, at least as far as the fashion industry is concerned.

Rihanna is the New Face of Armani Underwear and Jeans

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