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Statement Belt Style Trend

Statement Belt Style Trend

There are endless ways of sporting the latest accessory trends, however the golden rule in all cases is to pair it with our body shape. The statement belt style trend is oh-so-popular during the year as it encourages us to play up our curves and complete the outfits with various and more stylish details. Belts have the powder to influence the main proportions of our silhouette therefore it is essential to know how to wear them with mastery and a refined fashion sense. Those who are eager to embrace this tendency will have the chance to take a peek at the pro style tips below to perfect their look and juggle with the dashing belt styles of the season.

For the desired effect it is important to know that wearing your thick or right belt on the various spots can create a different impression. Therefore sporting your belts on the waistline would be one of the top flattering ideas for all body types. In fact this is the area that would definitely grant your with an hourglass shape. This ideal silhouette would draw the attention to your slim waist and with it to your natural curves. Moreover those who crave for long and lean legs will also be thrilled to opt for this spot when crowning their outfit with these voguish accessories.

Statement Belt Style Trend Statement Belt Style Trend Statement Belt Style Trend Statement Belt Style Trend

Wearing your statement belt just below your bust as it is mirrored on the runway would be also a good idea. In this case all you have to take into account is that it would shift the attention to your upper body and especially bosom. Those who would like to accentuate this area should consider taking this road when choosing the best accessories to dress up the best assets. Belts also placed to this section would create the ultimate lengthening effect to your legs adding a few extra-inches to your height. Corset as well as wide and uniform colored leather belts are all A-list options to achieve your goals.

Finally make sure if you choose to sport your statement belt in the hips area you are eager to play up the visual effect of your perfect slim hips. Those who struggle with extra-pounds in this area should skip this alternative. Though some might stick to this option it might be the trickiest and the hardest to pull off with style especially if your are petite or have short legs. On the other hand tall girls might still have the chance to try their hand at this trend too.

Statement Belt Style Trend Statement Belt Style Trend Statement Belt Style Trend Statement Belt Style Trend

Enhance your summer floral or printed dress with a stylish belt that would immediately boost the finesse of your silhouette as well as breezy outfit. The loose and relaxed textures can be perfectly balanced with the elastic, leather or woven statement belts. Moreover the catwalk offers you some inspiration on how to complete your ruffled and draped dresses as well as skirts with these dashing accessories.

Simple tops can be also fused into a similar outfit alternative as you’ll be able to choose some of the printed and embellished as well as mono-chromatic and classy belts to offer an additional groove to your style pieces. Loose and stylish tunics are also perfect to embrace the bold belt style trend. Therefore experiment with the urban sportswear and chic looks until you find the one that best suits your preferences. Shirts of all shades and tailoring can serve as the best tools for the first attempt to try your hand at the statement belts style.

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