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Top 9 Awesome 5 gram Gold Necklace Designs India

Necklace designs can be very fascinating. You can get these in 5 grams too for a very cost effective buy. These designs can be in the modern style or traditional with all the intricate details. A necklace design under 5 gm gives outstanding looks for your neck. Check out this list of 5 gram gold necklace designs and go ahead and buy the perfect one for yourself.

Best Gold Necklace Designs In 5 Gram:

Few top 9 5 gm gold necklace designs presenting here,

1. Classic Necklace:

Classic Necklace

You can get yourself a nice 5 gram gold necklace design that is both classic and traditional. The necklace comes with earrings too that are of the same pattern. The design is a long style one with dangling earrings. This designer set comes inn your budget too.

2. Rope Chain in 5 gm:

Rope Chain in 5 gm

One of the most popular necklace designs is the rope chain. This 5 gm gold necklace is the perfect buy for everyday use. The chain looks shiny because of the twisted rope style as it glimmers in the light. This type of rope chain in 5 gm gold gives comfortable look in wedding parties too.

3. Spike Design Necklace:

Spike Design Necklace

Here is an affordable yet gorgeous necklace set in gold. These 5 tola gold necklace designs are perfect for occasions as the gold shines bright. The spikes in the necklace and the earrings look very attractive. Different kind of designs is always best choice for women’s, get this one for your next party time.

4. Cable Necklace:

Cable Necklace

This is a modern take on the necklace design. The 5gm gold necklace is made of tiny cable designs joined together. It works great for office use and daily wear. The necklace has a strong clasp at the end too. Women’s can enjoy this type of jewelry for their office party time.

5. Gold Mangalsutra:

Gold Mangalsutra

Get this lovely mangalsutra design in 5 gm gold and you can enjoy it for daily wear. The delicate leaf pattern pendant is perfect for a simple look. This 5 grams necklace is just what you need for a different mangalsutra. Men’s can gift this type of jewelry to their wife on any special day or valentine day too.

6. V Shape Necklace:

V Shape Necklace

You can get this V shape gold necklace as a perfect buy for you birthday or anniversary. The v shape necklace has tiny diamonds attached to it. The delicate earrings that are of the same pattern of the necklace make a complete look. It looks great on any outfit, if you want to wear western outfits then this one will be nice selection.

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7. Beaded Necklace:

Beaded Necklace

This amazing three strand beaded necklace is a wonderful way to get attention. Each strand has beads of different sizes and this makes it look very glamorous. The earrings are also of the same pattern yet very dramatic.

8. Drop Link Necklace:

Drop Link Necklace

Here is a good drop link necklace that you can use for daily wear. The drop link looks very simple and yet very stylish. You can attach a pendant to the necklace as well.

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9. Snake Chain Necklace:

Snake Chain Necklace

This is another popular necklace design that looks like a snake pattern. The necklace is very strong and looks heavy as well. This design has a clamp at the end.

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The 5 gram gold necklace can be exquisite and stylish. You can have them in various designs from plain and simple to intricate. The traditional and modern designs are very attractive.

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